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 adamdemarsh Drum Setup 23-10-2010 08-44-03

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drum throne
20x14 Grenada Bass Drum
13x35 Dixon Piccolo Snare
Camco Bass Pedal
12x8 Grenada Rack Tom
16x155 Grenada Floor Tom
14 Sabian B8 HiHats
Pearl HiHat
16 Sabian Xs20 Fast Crash
20 Sabian B8 Ride
1 - drum throne
2 - 20"x14" Grenada Bass Drum
3 - 13"x35" Dixon Piccolo Snare
4 - Camco Bass Pedal
5 - 12"x8" Grenada Rack Tom
6 - 16"x155" Grenada Floor Tom
7 - 14" Sabian B8 HiHats
8 - Pearl HiHat
9 - 16" Sabian Xs20 Fast Crash
10 - 20" Sabian B8 Ride
The kit is an early 60's Japanese set made by Grenada made of solid ply (wood type unknown). It origionally had a red sparkle finish but after years of wear has been refinished in a black and white stripe finish. She may not seem like much, but she has won over almost all who have played her, and has travelled the great country of Canada from coast to coast more times than I can count (shell in shell transportation stlye) and keeps on going.

The toms are equiped with Evans G1 heads, the bass drum has an Evans EMAD2 Clear with interchangable foam inserts, and the snare has an Evans EC Reverse Dot head.
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