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Vote For 15th Annual Drummies

March 25, 2010
The 15th Annual Drummies, conducted by Enter Music Publishing, are now open for voting to drummers interested in participating in one of the most well-respected Award/Polling events. Voting is done online at by April 30th.

Enter Music Publishing, publishers of hip, drum/percussion magazines worldwide, has experienced tremendous growth of the Drummies over the last 15 years. Last year, more than 5000 ballots were cast in 40 categories, covering best drummers in various genres to most popular drums, cymbals and instructional videos.

For the last three years, Neil Peart has won drummer of the year and other awards. Prior to Peart’s popular resurgence, other Drummers of the Year included Travis Barker, Tre Cool, Carter Beauford, and Chad Smith. And, last year, Sheila E returned to Drummie fame by winning “Best Percussionist.”

"There are always lots of surprises every year," says Phil Hood, publisher and co-founder of Enter Music Publishing. “It's not uncommon for a drummer to win a category like "Rising Star" only to surface as "Rock Drummer" of the year a couple of years afterward."

Drummies Rudimental Rules

As with any awards/polling event, there is always controversy and intrigue about who wins. Enter Music emphasizes it opens the voting to the widest possible community of drummers, but that individuals do not have to vote in every category. Drummers who don't feel comfortable voting for jazz or hand drum categories, for example, should just skip those.

“We really want all musicians to know that we seek their opinions in the Drummies,” Hood emphasizes. “That’s what makes this event exciting. It’s the diversity of what musicians think that makes the Drummies exciting.”

As stated above, all votes must be in by April 30th. The complete results will be published in the August 2010 issue of DRUM! Additionally, they will be made public simultaneously online.

To vote go to:

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