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Point In Time - Drori Mondlak Quartet

4, October 2008
Point In Time - Drori Mondlak Quartet

Point In Time - Drori Mondlak's latest release on Lilypad Music (LPM 619) is dedicated to the creative spirit that unleashes the imagination when musicians come together with the presence of heart and mind to afford each other that individual freedom to explore.

The musicians featured on this CD, have been collaborating on projects, performing and recording together for over ten years. This recording showcases these four virtuoso musicians coming together once again to create their unique group sound on Point In Time.

For this project Drori decided to record at the legendary Avatar studio in New York City and chose James Farber - one of the great recording engineers to capture the music in the most natural way - live to two track. All musicians were situated in one room in a great acoustical setting that allowed for the greatest interaction between them and the blending of their instruments. James captured the natural beauty of the sound of these instrumentalists.

Seven out of eight compositions were written specifically for this recording date and these musicians in mind. The emphasis was on writing strong melodies surrounded with harmonic complexity. The idea was to write tunes that would tell a story and move the spirit and to play them with a spirit of adventure and abandon.

Drori Mondlak-drums
Karolina Strassmayer - alto saxophone and flute
Cary DeNigris-guitar
Steve LaSpina-bass

"Drori is a terrific drummer whom I have known for years. This great recording showcases his dynamic playing,
musicality and sensitivity, as well as his great interaction with an all-star group.
Congratulations, Drori"
Danny Gottlieb, June 2008

available at:
and soon on iTunes

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