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10th Seoul Drum Festival

1, October 2008
Come and see the 10th Seoul Drum Festival! Seoul Drum Festival, which began in 1999, became 10th this year, and positioned itself as global festival representing Seoul. The Festival will provide percussionists with the space to play music and exchange information and it will offer citizens with the opportunity to experience the world’s percussive arts culture, raising the status of Seoul as culture city.

Seoul Drum Festival is cheerful and harmonious events by which citizens of the world can get joined together in Seoul through beating, the most simple and primitive sound for human beings. It is new and striking festival which widely publicizes the Seoul’s cultural identity, history, and internationality, and enables you to experience artistry and professionalism of percussionists from all over the world in one place.

Outline of the 10th Seoul Drum Festival- Period : October 3(fri) - 5(sun), 2008. 12:00pm - 21:00pm- Venue : The Seoul Forest, Seoul, South Korea - Program : Percussion Performances, Percussive arts market, Other events - Artists : Donald Knaack(U.S.A.), Dudu Tucci(Brazil), Tiger, Burning Bright(Japan), I.F.A.K(Turkey), Choi Sori(South Korea) and others.

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