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26, March 2008
Gunnar Waage the internationally known drummer and producer has launched a new drum lessons hot line in a form of a free online video tutorials. The unique video guide is hosted by Gunnar Waage himself and include the corresponding notation in downloadable PDF format. "My first teacher was Reynir Sigurdsson, a virtuoso vibraphone player and a classical percussionist here in Iceland. I studied with Reynir for 3 years since the age of 12. My own teaching methods are probably most influenced by my studies at Mcnally Smith College of Music in Minneapolis. I usually have 30 - 40 students who study with me at my house. I find it to be a much nicer place to work in than at a Music College, I find the peace and quiet that comes with that arrangement to be quite productive for me and my students. In short the lessons presented online will be published on dvd, and we will charge a moderate fee for the lessons later on. I will also be recommending other material to online students as time goes by." - Gunnar Waage at

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