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29, February 2008
San Jose, California, Enter Music Publishing, publishers of hip, drum percussion magazines worldwide, has experienced strong growth with more than 10,000 impressions per day with its newest title, DRUM! Interactive since its launch in November of 2007. DRUM! Interactive quick success results from several factors: a unique, flip-page format, embedded movies and multimedia, and the diversity of content derived from its highly popular sister publication, DRUM!.

The current DRUM! Interactive cover story features Taylor Hawkins, who reflects on his 10-year tenure with the Foo Fighters backing his best friend, Dave Grohl. In fact, he gives full credit to Grohl for helping him get his life and career together.

At the same time, he discusses the day to-day challenges of playing in a band that already includes a world-famous drummer and breaks down the specific drum parts that defined the Foo Fighters sound.

“There's such a personal, human quality that DRUM! Interactive captures so well,” said Phil Hood, publisher of Enter Music Publishing. “The reader really has the opportunity to learn so much about a specific drummer's style. A good example of powerful presentation of DRUM! Interactive is found in the link to the video drum solo of Grohl and Hawkins together.”

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