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29 December 2007
Many people have asked us "What are the future plans for Drum Solo Artist?", today we will share the plans for 2008.

In 2008 we will continue bringing you more fun and new ways to expose yourself! - More drum solos, even more drummers, more drum techniques and more fun! One of the major additions to Drum Solo Artist will be a completely new Video section where users will be able to upload drum solo videos directly to the Video section, assign videos from the list to their own profiles, share drum solos from the list with friends and others!

That does not stop there, as we will bring you a completely new Music section with similar functionality. What's more? - To top it off we will upgrade all user accounts with more space to accommodate those drum solo videos and mp3s!

And that is only a short preview of our plans for 2008! - So stay tuned, play drums and have fun online at Drum Solo Artist!

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