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20 November 2007
Vanz Drumming announces the release of the Extreme Drum Set Techniques DVD with the tools drummers need to take their drumming to the next level. Randy Van Patten’s revolutionary way of applying techniques for the drum set delivers results for beginners to seasoned pros. From the basics to the advanced, Extreme Drum Set Techniques is jam-packed with extremely cool techniques, grooves and tips even the most expert drummers will value. Randy Van Patten's unique teaching style breaks down challenging rhythms making them easy to understand. The Extreme Drum Set Techniques DVD has nearly two hours of the most intense drum instruction available.

Randy Van Patten has been providing rhythm for over 30 years, including live experience, competitions, recording session work, drum clinics and private drum instruction. He currently teaches private drum lessons from his studio in Central Florida.

Randy studied numerous styles of music, with an early concentration on marching band. Viewers will notice some of that style incorporated in his playing. With a focus on hand technique and building stick control, Randy has a revolutionary way of applying those techniques to the drum set.

The Vanz Drumming Extreme Drum Set Techniques DVD features Randy Van Patten, a seasoned musician with a unique teaching style.

The DVD can be ordered for $24.95 on Van's official outlet

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