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10, October 2007
Drum Solo Artist presents the Drum Auction!
Drum Auction is here for drummers to get the absolute best deals on the drums and drum related equipment!
Drum Auction together with the biggest online auction store eBay, will be able to satisfy even the most demanding customer while determining the value of commodity that has an undetermined or variable price. Drum Auction can be with reserve or minimum, or without minimums, or absolute or no reserve. In reserve drum auction, there is a minimum bid or reserve price, if the bidding does not reach the minimum, there is no sale. In absolute or no reserve drum auction, the sale is guaranteed, with only the price left to be determined.

The drum auction categories are:

African Drums
Bass Drums
Bongo Drums
Conga Drums
Custom Drums
Hand Drums
Kids Drum Set
Marching Drums
Snare Drums
Used Drums
Vintage Drums

Electronic Drums:
Drum Loops
Drum Machine
Drum Module
Drum Pads
Drum Samples
Drum Triggers
Electronic Drums
Roland V Drums

Drum Hardware:
Drum Heads
Drum Hardware
Drum Lugs
Drum Parts
Drum Pedals
Drum Rack
Drum Sticks

Drum Cases
Drum Dvd
Drum Throne
Drum Mics
Drum Tabs

Dw Drums
Gretsch Drums
Ludwig Drums
Mapex Drums
Pacific Drums
Pearl Drums
Premier Drums
Rogers Drums
Roland Drums
Slingerland Drums
Sonor Drums
Tama Drums
Yamaha Drums

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