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Bass Drum Techniques Explained!

5, March 2007
For decades, the drumming community has been in dire need of a thorough bass drum tutorial. For those new to drumming, this might seem surprising. After all, there are countless books and videos on the market that feature the phrase "Bass Drum" in the title. What many of us have unfortunately discovered is that those books and videos are only helpful to people who already play the bass drum well!

That's because those books and videos only offer bass drum PATTERNS. They do NOT, however, teach a person how to actually PLAY those patterns! Incredible, but true. If you are skeptical, I invite you to check out any bass drum instructional product available today. You will discover what the rest of us have long known: Ninety percent of bass drum books and videos offer no guidance whatsoever on the physical movements involved in good bass drum technique. The remaining ten percent teach extremely specialized gimmicks such as the infamous "heel-toe" technique (a method that only works in certain scenarios and produces questionable sound quality at best).

Fortunately, all of this has now changed with the release of a new DVD entitled BASS DRUM TECHNIQUES FOR TODAY'S DRUMMER: UNBURYING THE BEATER. This DVD was written and produced by Matt Ritter, one of New York City's leading drum instructors. In this DVD, Matt explains every conceivable nuance of solid bass drum technique. Topics include drum and pedal set up, foot positioning, single strokes, double strokes, multiple strokes, applications, and much more.

BASS DRUM TECHNIQUES FOR TODAY'S DRUMMER: UNBURYING THE BEATER had an initial limited release in 2005. Since then, it has garnered incredible feedback from drummers around the world, ranging from amateurs to drumming legends like Steve Smith and Dom Famularo. Propelled by these tremendous reviews, this groundbreaking DVD is now being distributed worldwide in 2007 by music industry giant, HAL LEONARD.

Finally, anyone with the desire to perfect their bass drum skills can do so with thorough and reliable guidance. For more information on BASS DRUM TECHNIQUES FOR TODAY'S DRUMMER: UNBURYING THE BEATER, please visit

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