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Drum! Digital is here!!
28, Oct 2007
Enter Music Publishing, publishers of worldwide, DRUM! and TRAPS Magazines, today announced the launch of DRUM! Digital -   More...

DSA Competition Winners Are...
17, October 2007
Drum Solo Artist wants to thank all of the drummers that took a part in the 2007 Online Drum Competition, and all of the Team Members, Sponsors and Jury Members...   More...

Drum Auction
10, October 2007
Drum Solo Artist presents the Drum Auction!
Drum Auction is here for drummers to get the absolute best deals on the drums and drum related equipment!

DSA Jury Rating has Begun
2, October 2007
The 2007 Drum Solo Competition is getting hotter as the closing date has passed and the Jury rating has begun. At this point DSA Jury is checking out all the drum solos...   More...

TRAPS Magazine Issue 3
19, September 2007
With a Zep Reunion Show scheduled and since this month marks the 25th anniversary of his death, the lads are popping up in newspapers, music magazines and celebrity websites. That's why it should be no surprise that Enter Music Publishing's Autumn 07 issue of TRAPS Magazine with a 25 page opus on the life of John Bonham...   More...

Drum Solo Competition is ON!
August 1, 2007
Drum Solo Artist - Drum Solo Competition is now ON, and we welcome all drummers to upload the solos and take the chance to win $1.000.00!   More...

NY Drum Clinic
July 30, 2007
Drum Clinic - Shed Celebration for:
Eddie Heyward and Isaiah Johnson

Drum Solo Competition
July 1, 2007
Drum Solo Artist announces Drum Solo Competition to promote all drummers out there and to finance the Best Ones on the way!   More...

Cymbal Setup of the Year!
23, May 2007
Johannes Welsch Gong-Cymbal setup is a 22 piece Orchestral Sound Creation Series rhythm and sound masterpiece! - Johannes Welsch uses Gongs to achieve the needed dynamics, rhythm and sound for his entire performances, and I often teams up with artists who play singing bowls   More...

Drummers Promotions
23, April 2007
Promote yourself on Drum Solo Artist by creating your own profile page along with your own Drum Setup page, tell the drummers community what is different about you, what styles do you play. Have your drum solo MP3? Or your band's song recorded? - Send us your MP3 file and we will consider it! - If it is good, chances are we will add it, along with your name to our Multimedia section, and did you know? - You can actually make money by selling your compositions on!   More...

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