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Toca Conga Drums Giveaway
November 16, 2009
Making Music and Toca have teamed up to give away Toca Conga Drums, and more... Enter until until Dec 31st, 2009 and win the conga drums!   More...

Traveling Through Time
9, January 2009
First Ever European Tour with Giovanni Hidalgo and Horacio El Negro Hernandez. - Called the TRAVELING THROUGH TIME TOUR after their critically acclaimed and ground-breaking DVD   More...

2009 Drum Scholarships
16, December 2008
Londons Institute of Contemporary Music Performance is delighted to announce the launch of its 2009 drum scholarship program.   More...

New Owner at Not So Modern Drummer
15, December 2008
Not So Modern Drummer magazine has been sold by Bill Ludwig III to George Lawrence, drummer for Poco, and owner-operator of two other drumming businesses.   More...

Be There, Be Yourself and ROCK!
4, December 2008
Be There, Be Yourself and ROCK! - New Beginners Drum Forum at Drum Solo Artist. - ROCK, than post a video of yourself, get feedback, learn and have fun!   More...

Drum DVD by Michael Spiro
26, November 2008
Sher Music Co. is proud to announce the release of Michael Spiro's new instructional DVD, Introduction To The Conga Drum - drum techniques for beginners.   More...

Point In Time - Drori Mondlak Quartet
4, October 2008
Point In Time - Drori Mondlak's latest release on Lilypad Music (LPM 619) is dedicated to the creative spirit that unleashes the imagination!   More...

Say Hello to Slapstik!
2, October 2008
Slapstik, a new, patented drumstick designed for revolutionary speed and flexibility, has been tested and well received by world-renowned drummers and is now available for purchase on the company website.   More...

Protection Racket Drum Mat Bag
1, October 2008
Protection Racket, the world renowned manufacturer of quality cases that drummers can rely on, announces the introduction of the new Drum Mat Bag.   More...

10th Seoul Drum Festival
1, October 2008
Come and see the 10th Seoul Drum Festival! Seoul Drum Festival, which began in 1999, became 10th this year, and positioned itself as global festival representing Seoul.   More...

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