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Potyondi Custom Drums
POTYONDI Custom drums manufactures custom made snare drums for the musician looking for a high quality instrument.
Precision Drum Company, Inc.
Precision Drum Company, founded in 1961 is the oldest supplier of drum recovering wrap, and sells maple drum shells, drum hardware, drum building supplies, and offers drum restoration services.
RatTrap Custom Drums
RatTrap Custom Drums is a small builder focusing on crafting heirloom quality stave drums, drum kits, and drums made from exotic shell materials. These drums feature a highly functional, yet elegant q
Rubber City Rock Shop
Custom drum builder
Sleishman Drum Co
The Sleishman Drum Company is a world leader in drum design and technology. Our factory and head office is in Sydney, Australia. We are proud to boast that we invented the world's first Twin Bass Peda
Manufacturer of some of the finest hand-crafted acoustic drums available today, Smith Drums offers instruments made from Maple, Birch and exotic woods, and are available in an endless array of Glass,
Stardom Custom Drums
Bespoke handcrafted custom Snare Drums and Kits in the UK
Sunlite Drums and Guitars
Drums and Guitar manufacturer and distributor based in Los Angeles.
Taye Drums
Ray Ayotte, drum industry veteran, joins the company. The TAYE brand name and distinctive logo becomes an internationally registered trademark. New concepts in drum making are developed with a focu
Thumper Custom Drums
www.thumpercustomdrums.com is a website for the company Thumper Custom Drums. Crafted with exquisite attention to detail, Thumpers are affordable, compared to other major custom drum manufacturers.
Tribes Drums
Tribes Drums is a company which hand crafts custom maple drum kits to the drummer's specifications, technically and artisticly.
Viper Drums
Viper Drum Company has been proudly making the best custom drums on the market since 2004. Our passion to give you the best custom drums available goes deep into our Viper sound.
Zickos Drum Company
Zickos Drums - The original acrylic shell drum, designed for and by professional drummers
Zickos Drum Company
Zickos Drums - The original acrylic shell drum, designed for and by professional drummers

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