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This Tutorial is made for advertisers at Drum Solo Artist to give a basic idea of how the advertising system works, the needed knowledge of functions and walkthrough Drum Solo Artist Advertising Program.

In this Tutorial we will go true all the needed steps to create, upload and publish your advertisement!

This Drum Solo Artist Advertising Tutorial assumes that you have your banner image ready, and correctly resized to comply with our banner size policy.

Lets start
Lets start with creating a new account.
Click on the Create Account button on our advertising home page.

You will be redirected to the page where you will be able to enter your advertising account details.
Fill out the form and press Submit, That will log you to your newly created account.

When logging in to a newly created account, the first thing you will see is your account summary, to create a new ad, click the create a new ad link in the center of the page.

Enter Title (will only be used for your ad reference) and ad type, we are going to choose Banners 200x170 for the demonstration purpose of this tutorial. Click continue when done.

On this screen you will be presented with the interface where you will be able to upload your actual banner image, set the link that you want your banner to point to and the alt tag for your banner. Click Save when ready.

On the next screen you will see the preview of your ad and will be able to set the options for your Advertising Campaign.
Enable the ad, set the desired zone and times. Click Save when ready.
Read more about Advertising Zones

The next screen will tell you that your campaign is ready and will let you choose if you want to pay for impressions or clicks or days and add the actual amount of impressions (or clicks or days) to this campaign.
Since this tutorial assumes that you are creating your first ad, we will use the option Pay directly for this order, but if you have available funds on your account from any of your previous campaigns, you can use them to pay for any of your advertising campaigns, including new ones.
Add the desired amount of clicks or impressions or days to your campaign, set other options as desired and click Save

Next screen will present you the summary of your order, and if everything is set correctly, click continue to enter the payment section.
Your ad will start functioning a few moments after the completion of your payment.

We hope your advertising campaign will become the path to your success!

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