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Refer advertisers to Drum Solo Artist and make 25% of the money they spend!

It is as simple as that! All you have to do is to refer a new advertiser to advertise on Drum Solo Artist and you instantly making money!

So how exactly does it work?

Easier done than said - really! - First thing you should do is create an Advertising Account at Drum Solo Artist. On the main page of your advertising Account, you will see your own referral link. - That is the link you should give the new advertisers when referring them to Drum Solo Artist.

As soon as the new advertiser joins, our advertising system starts working for YOU! - You will get the direct deposit of 25% of the amount spend by the referred advertiser as soon as the advertiser starts his or her campaign!

The best news are that it does not stop there! - You actually will get 25% of every new advertising campaign the referred advertiser starts for life! - That is correct - Refer an advertiser once, and make 25% of all his campaigns! - For Life!

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