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Vincenzo Lanzo

He was born in Fragagnano (Ta) on march 11th, 1957. He started his musical studies at an early age at a local music school, where he studied piano and percussion instruments. He also took singing lessons at the same school.
He attended workshops with J.Christensen, P.Favre in Ravenna, with A.Nussbaum, P.Bley, G.Peacock, J.Abercrombie in Poitiers (France) and with R.Gatto and E.Fioravanti in Siena.
Influenced by E.Blackwell, P.Motian, R.Ali, he researched also music on drums from the southern italian area of Puglia.
Starting in 1985 he has worked in Europe with: R.Marcotulli, E.Pietropaoli, G.Trovesi, E.Rava. He played drums with E.Rava group. His musical evolution is based on traditional drumming. His experience on original sound coming from studing the music of R.Ali, T.Oxley, P.Lovens. He worked to assimilate the music of deverse cultures into his musical abilities, as you will be able to hear by listening to his CD: Rondonella Project.

It firmly plays currently in the trio with Larry Franco with which from 21 to March 27 he will be in tour together with Michael Carrabba and Mino Lacirignola in Turkey for the Italian Embassy and it will perform in 3 concerts. One of those will be the European Jazz Festival of Smirne and the others two will take place in Ankara and Istambul for the Italian Institute of Culture.
"Very good rielaboration distant from common places, also from those in which it starts to take office himself the so-called Jazz Mediterranean... "
Giuseppe Dalla Bona - Musica Jazz (Italia)

"His and' a telluric drumming, to ride rhythmic sure and sferzante that grows with implosiva power, going into wide ray and crowning the stories and the music of the whole album.... "
Giordano Selini - Percussioni (Italia)
"... noble project, where the song to become populated itself alternate to the sharp sign free, recalling dark worlds onirici typical of ancient folksy traditions, that invention, execution and arrangements make mutable and godibili to the listening..... " Giorgio Magni - Ritmo (Italia)

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