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Tico Torres

Born Hector Torres on September 7, 1953 to Hector and Emma in New York City. Soon after his birth, he and his parents moved to Cuba (his parents home country). Tico lived in Cuba long enough to absorb his Cuban style of music, before returning to the United States. He then lived in New Jersey, where he grew up and met Jon Bon Jovi.
Before Bon Jovi, Tico had already played on 26 albums. One night, a friend convinced him to go to a club to meet Jon. The two hit it off and started Bon Jovi. They have been together for over 17 years. Tico not only enjoys music, but loves to paint. He has had many exhibits around the world. He also has a pilots license and is married to Czechoslovakian super model Eva Herzigova. As one of the founding members and the drummer for the rock & roll band BON JOVI, Torres has reached the pinnacle in his musical career. Self-taught he is recognized as one of the greatest drummers of all time.
Torres has translated that passion for music to paper and canvas. His foray into the world of visual arts has been truly rewarding. Unable to linger long with one style or medium, Torres has mastered all areas of the arts.

Not limiting his creativity exclusively to painting, he has created works in bronze, ceramics and glass.
Tico Torres is an incredibly versatile painter; his styles change and evolve as his talent grows.
Many of his works are reminiscent of the German Expressionist painters of the 30's, while others range from classical to abstract in nature.

Torres has mastered the world of music and he is on his way in the world of fine art.

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