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Steve White

Steve White started his love affair with drums when he joined the army in 1965 and became a front rank side drummer, in the corps of drums of the 1st Battalion the Devonshire and Dorset Regiment. Touring extensively in Europe over the next six years with the regiment band. Steve and his comrades picked up valuable experience in the ways of the world (and learned to play a bit too)!
On leaving the army in 1971, Steve soaked up the flourishing wave of rock music on offer from England and America. From amongst a myriad of names he will cite as influences CSNY, Deep Purple, Yes, Genesis, Beatles, Eagles, Kansas, Toto, Heart, and of course his all time favorites, the mighty Jethro Tull.

Steve joined his first band in 1972, and has been in and out of various bands ever since, notable Juggler, Crossfire, Skram, Terra Firma, and his two current outfits Fair Warning and Finishing Touches.

He would like to say a huge "Thanks" to everyone he's ever liked and would also like to curse a plague of locusts on anyone who parks across his dropped kerb (unless they've come to buy a drum kit of course)!
Down in deepest, darkest Woolston, in Southampton, England, UK, Steve White has set up a veritable Aladdin's cave for drummers. With almost 40 years of percussion instrument experience, Steve can turn his hand to any drum problems that people may bring him. From buying and selling to repairing, re-covering, renovating and tracking down rare vintage equipment, he is always eager to help drummers from young beginners to seasoned veterans. Custom building kit's and single drums to customers specifications has also increased over the last few years as acquiring additional drums for kit's seems to have become a costly and time consuming business. (Some companies quote a 9 month wait for special orders!)

Many Schools in the central South have taken advantage of Steve's expertise by enlisting him to service their school percussion instruments. He is eager to point out to schools that any damaged, obsolete or unwanted equipment may be part exchanged for services or goods.

The added bonus of being virtually "open all hours" means he can be called on seven days a week for spares which he stocks in abundance. As he operates from home he can keep his new and used prices down and he urges drummers never to throw any bits away as they could probably be part exchanged for goods. Steve also points out that he is available for standing in duties should your regular tub thumper get taken crook! Please look at Clinics and tuition for news of any Drum Shows that are happening.

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