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Rogerio Jardim

Born in Goiania, Brazil, Rogerio started playing professionally at the age of 15.
Rogerio played with artists like Toninho Horta, Nathan Marques along with more than 30 different artists in his region in Brazil.
Some years later he moved to Hamburg, Germany where he performed with many groups including
Joe Gallardo, R.A.D., his own band Side by Side, toured Germany with Brazilian singer Bebel Gilberto,
toured Denmark performing with bassist virtuoso Jorge Degas.
In 1998, Rogerio moved to Los Angeles and has been working as a session drummer/percussionist/singer
in many projects from African-funk to World-pop music.
In addiction to his career as a session musician/composer Rogerio has also been very busy
working in many projects as a producer/arranger, recording in his own
studio or in other studios around Los Angeles.

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Featured Member
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