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Pat Petrillo

Quote from Pat:
" I dig the S Hoop not only because of how it
makes the drum sound, but, it is easy on the
sticks. The sharp edge of the normal hoops
eat up the sticks...not so much with the S Hoop!
It also feels great when playing rimshots
and cross sticks. Not as much shock to the
hands.. Revolutionary!
Petrillo, owner and drum instructor of the Groove Academy of Music in Edison, New Jersey, has a new instructional video in the works. "The video," Pat explains, "will consist of a series of short hand exercises based on simple rudiments that I've developed to build chops. It will also feature drumset workouts and live playing demonstrations."

On the new Ed Hamilton record, Hear In The Now (Fahrenheit), Petrillo performs a nice blend of R&B and jazz, which is radio-friendly yet musician-friendly. Petrillo also works with pop artist Glen Burtnik (Palookaville) and has performed with Patti La Belle and played with the national tour of the Broadway show Dreamgirls.

Currently Petrillo is working on his debut CD, Hittin', which will feature bassists Will Lee, Stanley Clarke, Charles Fambrough, and the late saxophonist George Howard. "Raising a family is also a priority in my life, Pat adds. "But I'm having a lot of fun making music and making a living doing what I love."

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