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Jon Knox

Raised in the land of sunshine, Californian Jon Knox started drumming at the age of four. Banging on pots and pans, he drove his family nuts! Jon's talent impressed his father enough for him to go out and buy Jon his first drum kit.

His earliest influences came from listening to the sounds of early Motown, Gospel and Jazz with Mom and Dad. Soon after, he began sneaking into his siblings record collection and began being influenced by some of the masters of Funk and Rock & Roll including Led Zeppelin, Jim Hendrix, Earth, Wind and Fire and The Commodores.

Jon found that these multifarious musical influences carried over into his own musical tastes and he gained respect for creativity in all forms of music.

During his career Jon has worked together with many artists including widely acclaimed groups No Doubt, Adam Again, Rage Against The Machine, WhiteHeart, Blind Melon, Audio Adrenaline, Foo Fighters, Crystal Lewis, Steve Cropper and many others.
Jon's drumming is compelling, creative and he has received distinction as being an inspiration to players of all musical styles. His musical talents have been nominated for Grammy and Dove awards and he has toured and appeared on numerous television and radio broadcasts that have spanned the globe.

He developed his musical passion by teaching himself to play guitar, bass and write songs. He has been active producing, programming and recording his own material which has received notable mention.

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