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Franco Penatti


In 2005 I collaborate with Ale & Nico Benz Dj di Radio Number One .
In 2005 I collaborate With the Finnish cantautore J.P.Asplung registry cd " Rigged " (EMI).

In 2005 Collaboro for some live concerts with the band of master Fabio Frizzi .

In 2005 I participate ago to the recordings of "Bala and bala '" according to album of the LUF that exits to May followed from tournee' summery (the 42 dates) and from the promozionale campaign of Volvo trucks Italy: www.volvotrucks.it
With the LUF I always take part to television transmissions RAI like " CD Live " and " rolling Madnesses ".
In 2005 I have collaborated with The 8-Team Band for plan " H8T PARADE "

From 2004 I collaborate with Ronnie Jones

In the 2004 tourne' summery piu' exited of cd Nearly the Luf

From 2003 I collaborate with Oppini Franc band in premises and public squares of all Italy.

From 2003 I collaborate with Chaste Andrea actor of the musical comedy HUNGER in premises and festivities of public square in all Italy.

N el 2002 I collaborate to the recording of the cd single Via from you of published AmbraMarie from the WEA
In the same year from the issolution of the Charlie Musik Company collective folk-rock LUF is born with which I record for UPR FOLKROCK cd the summery and winter Ocio to the luf participating also to the tourne' of the following year.

In December 2000 I have participated to the recording of the CD Crossing the life of the cantautore Francisco Drosi .

In 2000 I have collaborated with the David van de Sfroos band .

From 1998 I make part of the group Charlie Hill Musik Company with which, beyond to concerts in Italy and to the foreign country, I have recorded the Cd Life.

From the 1996 they are a member of the Leo Band that in some occasions is exhibited with Corrado actor German .

In the summery season 1997 (July and August) I have made part of band of Edoardo Agnelli the Pepero Club of Port Red deer (SS).

I have collaborated with the singer Paola Atzeni .

In You open them 1997 I have participated with the group River to Sanremo Rock.

From September 1995 to September 1996 I have made part of the Cocola Band di Giacomo Cocola (former Clear and Strong member of the pair, that she has participated to the Festival di Sanremo, and former leader of the Rossovivo group )

In November 1994 I have made part of band of the premises the clear Flowers (Brera zone, Milan) of Miki Of the Priest to the flank of Gabriel Comeglio, Luca Jurman, Mauro Parodi, etc. With this formation artists have exhibited themselves several between which My Martini, Dario Baldan Bembo, Oppini Franc, Jerry Calà.

In the same year I have collaborated with the Fuego group with which I have recorded the CD omonimo and the Videoclip Nights living.

From 1992 to 1993 I have played with Diego Vilar in premises of all Italy.

In 1992 I have participated to the tournée summery of Umberto Smaila .

From 1982 to 1990 I was member of the Nation (Italian group rock) concerts in Italy and to the foreign country and recording of 45 turns for Of-git and a LP produced from the Fremus.

I have collaborated, in team with prestigious musicians, to the realization of two LP of CAT PANCERI , with which they have appeared in various exhibitions from the alive one, in particular I give it for children , resumption from VIDEOMUSIC and Italian Concert resumption from CHANNEL 5. They are moreover appeared in the Videoclip Giò of this artist.

Job regularly with various musical groups, collaborating with many musicians, between which Kim Hampton (North American singer), Gabriel Comeglio, Mark Guerzoni (to Sanremo in brace with Aleandro Self-confident), Roberto Oreti, Max Senzioni, Fabrizio Sforzini .


There in the 2005 for the TSI (Italian Switzerland Television) I make part of the band directed from Mark Greys the comic transmission "Who e' there e' who not there e'... Hello! "

From January 1999 to 2003 (5 editions) have been member of the orchestra of Luca Orioli in the transmission of CHANNEL 5 Passaparola

In September 1998 I have made directed part of the band from Luca Orioli in the program lead from Gene Gnocchi, Amadeus and Alessia Merz Meteors of ITALY ONE.

In October 1997 I have recorded with the orchestra directed from Master Peppe Vessicchio the transmission of lead NET the 4 Best Bravo from Mike Bongiorno.

In the same period I have participated to exhibitions from the alive one for the promotion of the CD of Eledanca in the television transmission Com' is (TELE+).

In the months of October and November 1996 and March 1997 I have worked in the orchestra, of the daily transmission of RAIDUE lead from Paul Limits : And Italy tells .


Currently I teach Battery to Missaglia (LC) for private lessons and near common of Pessano with Bornago (ME)

Teacher of Battery near the school Gerry Music di Barzanò from 1997 to 2004

Teacher of Battery near the school Magilla di Rho from 1998 to 2000

Dimostratore for the ROLAND ITALY in 1996.

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Featured Member
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