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Diego Romagnoli

By Diego Romagnoli

.. if you will want to estimate my way to speak Music, you come to feel to me ' live' in one of the occasions indicated in the section ' given '... creed servant to something not to convince to words using names to you of others.

In any case, I have had the possibility to play various musical kinds... very many rock, often heavy rock, a lot blues, a little funky, varied Latin music and, ahimè, truly little jazz. I have played also in one band (!) and a pair of chorales.

I have lived great part of my musical experiences ' live' in Italy, in the Marches (the region where alive); enough frequent the occasions to play region outside, irregular but entusiasmanti those to play to the foreign country.

Like for my Masters, through this situated one I want to dedicate to a word to all the persons with which, until today, I have shared every Music in its shape: I must a lot also to everyone of you... Thanks.

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