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Bruce Rutherford

Bruce Rutherford has been a working professional drummer and vocalist for 32 years. His career has had many facets, with work in clubs, on the road and in the studio.

Drumming on the Country Music circuit is more than a day job for Bruce Rutherford. He's been doing it professionally since he was 16, and his talent has made for a long and successful career.

Music, rhythm and hitting things had always appealed to Bruce, and starting with school dances at age 12 he found that he had a decided knack for it. The club circuit landed him a job with his first big name artist, Canada's Ian Tyson, who had just won " Best Male Vocal" and "Best Country Album" from the Canadian CMA. Bruce appeared onTyson's LP One Jump Ahead Of The Devil, which produced a number two single on the Canadian charts.

Several years of session work, road bands and touring followed as Bruce refined his dynamic rhythmic style. In 1984, Bruce joined Keith Whitley, whose amazing rise to stardom is well documented. While with Whitley, Bruce toured the US, Canada and Europe until Keith's untimely death in 1989.

During the next few monthes Bruce worked for singer/songwriter James House.

In March of 1990, Bruce joined another promising singer/songwriter named Alan Jackson. Over the past 15 years Bruce has toured and recorded with Jackson, while he made Country Music history.
Alan Jackson has sold over 42 million records.

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