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Art Verdi

Art Verdi, the first man in history to break the 1,100 Single Strokes in 60 seconds barrier, talks in depth about his technique and how to practice. In Practicing Properly, Art shares tips & concepts on Finger Control, Rebounding the Stick, Relaxation,
Endurance, and Building Speed.


East Hanover, NJ, August 21, 2005 - Who does one of the leading
communication companies, Comcast, call on to represent their High-Speed
Internet Service on a commercial? World's Fastest Drummer Champ, Art Verdi.
In the last few weeks, Art has been featured in the leading drum magazine,
Modern Drummer, in which he was described as having a "frightening fast"
single stroke roll; contacted by a major radio station to appear; and flown
down to Florida to display his blazing drumming speed on the Comcast
commercial. Art also has his own segment, "Art's Corner", on the popular
Drum Radio Show at Drumradio.com, where he assists drummers in obtaining
optimal control and speed.

Art has received most of his recent recognition through his major conquest
with the World's Fastest Drummer Organization (the WFD), which was created
by Boo McAfee and Craig Alan; Art was the first person in history to break
1,100 strokes in 60 seconds.

Along with other WFD champs, Mike Mangini (Extreme/Steve Vai), Johnny Rabb
(Tanya Tucker/Hank Williams III), Tim Waterson (Fastest Feet Champ) and
Jotan Afanador (Ricky Martin), Art actively assists drummers with their
technique at WFD competitions during winter and summer NAMM.

Albeit Art achieved these honors as a result of his affiliation with the
World's Fastest Drummer organization (The WFD), Art also has a vast
background in jazz with many notable musicians. Art has performed with Jack
Wilkins (Buddy Rich Band), Shirley Scott (John Coltrane, Bill Cosby), Sal
Salvador (Stan Kenton), Phil Woods (Benny Goodman), Stanley Turrentine (Max
Roach, Ray Charles) and others.

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