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Tris Imboden

Tris Imboden's consummate, innovative talents have established him as am eminent drummer whose unique style has garnered him a well deserved ranking as a world class drummer. Both communicative and emotive, Tris finds himself at home with a myriad of styles that spans generations and cultural borders. Whether it's rock, jazz, Latin, funk or blues, he imprints his own signature style while entertaining audiences around the world.
Talent, dedication and his flawless sense of timing earned Tris an early introduction to the music scene when at just five years old, a marching band had a profound impact upon him and inspired his dream of becoming a drummer and developing his own musical style. Tris began playing with other musicians in surf bands where he grew up in Orange County California and soon found himself part of the locally popular group OTHER HALF.

Upon graduation, he joined the well-respected group HONK, an eclectic band that drew their influences from jazz, folk and rock.

In 1977 he joined KENNY LOGGINS and for the next twelve years honed both his live and recording skills. His subsequent years with great jazz artist AL JARREAU further broadened Tris' improvisational skills and earned him further acclaim on the international circuit.
Interspersed throughout those years he continued to play with a diverse list of artists in both live and studio sessions with such greats as Michael McDonald, David Foster, Julio Inglesias and Stevie Wonder, Crosby, Stills & Nash, Michael Paulo, Neil Diamond, Richard Marx, Brian Wilson, Steve Vai, David Sanborn and Stanley Clarke to name a few.

Since 1990 Tris has been the driving force behind the supergroup CHICAGO and continues his expansive reach to audiences around the world. With an exacting ear and decisive production technique, as musical styles evolve Tris continues to develop his talents as a producer and songwriter. He is also quick to share his knowledge through nationally sponsored clinics and workshops. As the grateful recipient of dozens of Gold, Platinum and Multi-Platinum awards, Tris is always eager to pursue new musical challenges.

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