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Steve Roberts

Well, he has been knocking the tubs for 20 years now.Starting in school bands aged 13.From rock to fusion to jazz to pop to ska to folk to reggae to dub... you name it.. he's played it..and continues to do so! He is also well versed in the art of 'depping' for bands of many different styles.

He grew up with and still listens to/plays rock but hisgood time and feel coupled with a great technical ability has led to playing many different styles of music across the world.

He is currently playing high energy pieces such as 'Tarkus' and 'Knife Edge' with UK ELP tribute band Noddys Puncture.
European tours with Berlin-based roots rockers The Dostoyevskys, who released ORANGE on BMG (Sound Art 876 670) duringthe 90'ssecured a love of playing abroad and Steve has also toured Holland with various acts. He has played various cover bands abroad too, a 3 month stay in Cyprus being one.
He has played the Brecon Jazz Festival since 1994 with various bands; every year withThe HEAVY QUARTET (2005 show on the Sat.) and also withTheBILLY THOMPSON Quartet(featuring members of Barbara Thompson's Paraphenalia),playing drum partsoriginally written for Jon Hiseman.

The Steve Roberts Band is also an on-going concern,featuring jazz based original material penned by Steve and covers.At one time the band consisted of a stringquartet plus guitar,bass & drums! We hope to arrange some more concerts with this band soon.

He also recently completed a3 month, 32-date tour of the USA with THEY WALK AMONG US ,who released their debut album across America. He has alsoplayed with THE CORNERS OF NOWHEREand John Sloman of Uriah Heep fame.

At he moment,gigsand rehearsalswith Heavy Quartet, TWAU, Kenny Driscoll Band (which features BUDGIE bassist Burke Shelley), AMLEDD andthe UK'spremierELP tribute act NODDYS PUNCTUREplus other jazz/rock/pop/folk musicians; recording,tours abroad,etc feature in his day to day musical life.

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