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Stefano Pesapane

Born in Latina (Italy) on 25th January 1962,

started playing drums at the age of 8
and by the age of 16 he was playing in nightclubs.
Stefano had former schooling in music at St. Louis Music School in Rome (1977-81) drums trainer: Roberto Gatto, Certificate of Completion issued by the Berklee College of Music at Umbria Jazz Summer school (1988) drums trainer: Stevie Wilckx ,Drums clinic with: Steve Gadd (1991).

At the age of 18 he went from High School to a band called Sunset :
He joined the band in 1980 and played until 1983, with that band Stefano played in the most important Jazz Clubs of Italy.
From that point he joined The Nightworkers in 1984, he spent 2 years with them playing in Maroc and Greece with Club Med.
In 1987 Stefano joined Rocky Roberts Orchestra (touring all around Italy)which ended 1989.
From that time he has played in other bands and with bandleaders such as: Sonny Costanzo, Tony Scott,Wilbur Little, Benjamin Waters and many others.

1998: joined Marco Montaruli Quartet.
1999: Stefano moved to The Netherlands, 2000 joined Universe of Happiness and recorded a Cd with them.

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