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Skip Hadden

Skip Hadden is originally from Port Chester, New York. As a youngster he studied with Ralph Pace and later in Cleveland with Bob McKee and Ramnad Raghavan. He has been performing and recording with various artists since 1968. A partial list includes Michael Bocian, Ira Sullivan, Ernie Krivda, Sonny Stitt, Bill DeArango, John Abercrombie, Lou Donaldson, Billy Pierce, Bill Dobbins, Larry Karush, Joe Lovano, Jimmy Smith, Billy Drewes, Dewey Redman, Garrison Fewell, Ed Saindon, Eddie Gomez, and Kenny Werner.

He can be heard on the Weather Report album "Mysterious Traveler" with Josef Zawinul, Wayne Shorter, Alphonso Johnson, Dom Um Ramao, and Ishmael Wilburn. He can also be heard on "This Is Jazz 10, Weather Report," and the recent recording "Reverence" with Michael Bocian, Dewey Redman, and Cameron Brown on the ENJA label.
Skip has a Masters in Education and is a Professor of Percussion at Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA where he has taught since 1982.

At Berklee he has developed and taught numerous courses, including his own very popular Contemporary Drum Styles I, II, III, & IV, Basic Time and Pulse, Lead Sheet Interpretation, Rhythmic Concepts, History of Drumming from the '60s to '90s, Linear Time Feels, and Fusion I & II.
He is the author of three books: World Fusion Drumming, published by Warner Bros. Publishers, and The Beat, The Body, & The Brain II, and Rhythmic Concepts: Broken Eighth Note Feel, published by Who's Counting? Publications. He is the editor of the Berklee Percussion Department Newsletter and has also written numerous articles on drumming and music education for a variety of music industry publications. His books are used by numerous educators and institutions and are also required texts of the Berklee Percussion Department curriculum.

As an endorser of Taye Drums, UFIP Cymbals, Evans Heads, Vic Firth Sticks, Fortune Drums, and Daila Drums International, he has presented workshops and seminars throughout the U. S., Europe, and Australia. His presentations are often based on the concepts from his texts, World Fusion Drumming & The Beat, The Body, and The Brain II.

An often sought performer and educator, Skip makes his home in Gloucester, MA., an inspiring seaside community just north of Boston.

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