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Ryan Hoyle

Born in Anaheim, California, Ryan Hoyle began drumming at age eight. "I was snooping around in my dad's closet and came across a pair of drumsticks and a practice pad. From that point on I was hooked", he said.

At thirteen, Hoyle and his family moved to the Seattle area where he landed his first gig with Christian recording artist Gary Moreno. This three year relationship produced three recordings and numerous regional tours for audiences as large as 5,000. During that time, Hoyle also studied privately with longtime Bruce Hornsby drummer John Molo, and was voted "Most Outstanding Musician" by the students and staff at Auburn High School in his sophomore year.

After graduation, Hoyle enrolled in the prestigious Percussion Performance program at the University of North Texas and toured with the U.N.T. Fusion Lab Band, The Zebras. Using what he learned at U.N.T., Hoyle set out on the streets of Dallas in search of a gig, any gig. "For a year and a half I auditioned and performed for anybody and everybody. I would look for opportunities in the local newspaper and sometimes end up in peoples' living rooms with my drums," he said.

His persistence paid off. Both Modern Drummer and Drum! Magazine recognized Hoyle for his live and studio performances with some of Texas' biggest acts, which included full-time membership in the highest profile show band in Texas, Le Freak.
"Le Freak was truly the most amazing professional experience I could have had at that stage of my career," he said. From 1998 to 2001, Hoyle played worldwide with Le Freak for audiences as large as 25,000. Their grueling schedule of more than 200 shows a year served as a non-stop flight to the forefront of the Texas music scene and provided him with a wealth of experience to take with him to the next level.
After five years in Dallas, Hoyle moved to Nashville, Tennessee where his desire for a higher level of expression led him to specialize his approach and focus his energy entirely on a career in the studio.

"When I moved to Nashville I really felt like I was starting from scratch again in many ways. I knew very few people in town but I had this vision for myself and I just went about learning as much as I could about how to make a song really come to life", he said. By late 2003, and true to his vision, Hoyle had paid his dues and was enjoying an accomplished career as a session drummer when the phone rang and opportunity knocked.

"Early one Sunday morning I got a call from a producer friend of mine, Dexter Green. At the time, he was working with a band from Atlanta called Five Star Iris. One of the songs we cut on that session was co-written by Collective Soul front man Ed Roland. When Ed had heard what we had done with 5SI he immediately invited us to Atlanta to work with Collective Soul," he said.

In October 2003, Hoyle began working with multi-platinum selling rock artists Collective Soul, recording eight of the eleven drum/percussion tracks on their 2004 release entitled, "Youth". Hoyle has also toured exclusively with the band since January 2005, performing in over 150 sold out shows across North America. Highlights have included an appearance on the WB's hit show "Charmed", featured songs on both "Cursed" and "Bee Season" movie soundtracks, as well as performances on the "Late Late Show" and "The Tonight Show" with Jay Leno. As the newest addition of Collective Soul, Hoyle quickly gained favor among the fans and is featured in their newest release "Home"; a greatest hits DVD of the band performing alongside the Atlanta Symphony Youth Orchestra.

When he is not on tour, Hoyle splits his time between Los Angeles and Nashville where he continues to expand his horizons by recording as much as his schedule permits. A combination of professionalism, personality, the right tools, and attitude of 110 percent dedication to each song has landed Hoyle in the hot seat with some of the biggest writers/producers in the business. When asked about the future, Hoyle said, "My ultimate goal is simple. For every day that I'm alive on this planet I want to continue to learn so that someday I might truly make music to my full potential.

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