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Russ Miller

Russ Miller is one of the top touring and session drummersof today.As a Multi-Platinum, Grammy award winning recording artist, his musical versatility has led him to work with an incredible list of artistsincluding legends like Ray Charles, The Fifth Dimension,Cher, Tina Turner & Bobby Caldwell through Modern heroes such as Babyface, Hilary Duff, Nelly Furtado, Daniel Bedingfield and Meredith Brooks.

As a strong force on the Los Angeles studio scene, Russ was voted in the top 5 Studio Drummers in the world, 3 years in a row,by the Modern Drummer Magazine Readers Poll. He has performed on more than 250 albums and dozens of international movies such as "Rugrats Go Wild!", "Resident Evil Apocolypse", "O", "Garfield", "Boondock Saints", "Lethal Weapon 4" and "The Hulk". Along with his many album credits, he has two solo albums, Where's One? and Cymbalism on R.M.I Records.In addition, Russ performs clinicsthroughout the world.

Russ also has authored two books: The Drum Set Crash Course and Transitions, along with his video/DVD, The Drum Set Crash Course, all of which were voted the #1educational books and video in the world (2001-2002) by Modern Drummer Magazine.
Russ has been recorded a few records. Recent records include: Nelly Furtado's 3rd release on Geffen records, The Disney channel's Raven Simone's new album, The Cheetah Girls new record, Christian star Michelle Tumes new record, Gospel artist Joel Robinette's 3rd album, keyboardist Shady Grady's new release (also features Gerry Brown and Lenny Castro) and Russ is tracking for his 4th solo album. Recently released albums include: Canadian Artist Esthero's long awaited album, Tina Turner's Greatest hits new tracks, U.K. Superstar Daniel Bedingfield's multi-platinum release "Second First Impression" and Bobby Caldwell's "Perfect Island Nights". Russ is currently tracking movie soundtracks for: Chicken Little, The sequel to the talented Mr. Ripley "Mr. Ripley Underground" , "The Matador" with Pierce Bronson, "Volver" starring Penelope Cruz, as well as, televisions's Zula Patrol on PBS and Ms. Spider on Nickelodean.
Russ will be shooting a live DVD with the power trio "Powernut", for release in 06'. He most recently appeared in concert with: Bobby Caldwell, Steve Tavaglione and Gloria Gaynor. Also, Russ was in the house band that backed up several classic disco acts such as Gloria Gaynor for a live K-BIG radio broadcast in Los Angeles at the Greek Theatre. Watch for Russ in the house band behind The Platters, The Diamonds and The Drifters on Sept. 11th in Santa Barbara for an outdoor event. Russ is also featured on the "Drummer's For Jesus" DVD from the event in March of 05', due out soon.

Finally, Russ is finishing the re-mix and partial re-track of his second solo album "Cymbalism" for re-release in October 05' . Also, please check out Zildjian's Bent Bristle Brush (B3) designed by Russ that was released to great response at the Summer NAMM show in Indiana. Russ and Akira Jimbo will be on a clinic tour together in the U.S. in November.

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