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Ray Luzier

Ray was born and raised outside of Pittsburgh, PA. He started playing drums and got his first set at age 8. Basically a self taught player, Ray would play along to records and the radio for years until joining high school jazz, concert and marching bands. He was the leader of the high school drum line and wrote the cadences for it.
At 15, he joined a local rock band that frequently gigged in Pittsburgh and at 17, started giving drum lessons at a local music store. After graduating from high school in 1988, Ray relocated to Hollywood, CA to attend PIT at the world famous Musicians Institute to further his education and to check out the LA scene. There he met alot of musicians and began playing with several acts including a band called "9.0" in which Ray got his first independent record deal. They played the LA scene, selling out the clubs on the Sunset Strip and all over Los Angeles.

Ray's talents were quickly recognized and he went on to tour and record with many artists such as Jake E. Lee (Ozzy Osbourne), John Lowery (Marilyn Manson), Tony Fredianelli (Third Eye Blind), Tracy G (Dio, WWIII), Ricky Wolking (Nixons, Jennifer Batten), James Lomenzo (White Lion, Zakk Wylde), Arcade (with Stephen Pearcy), Michael Lee Firkins, Darren Housholder, MCA/Koch recording artists the Nixons and has been a touring and recording member of the David Lee Roth Band since 1998. Ray has been a PIT instructor at Musicians Institute since 1992 where he teaches a variety of rock style based classes and private lessons.
He was hired to play for a talent agency called Perfect World Entertainment in 1996 which has 18 bands in the US including Metal Shop (aka Danger Kitty as seen on the Discover Card commercial) and the Boogie Knights. You can see Ray with Metal Shop when he's in town at the world famous Viper Room in Hollywood. Ray has played over 800 live shows. He also maintains a busy session schedule in LA that includes recording tracks for major films and tv.

Currently a recording/touring member of the David Lee Roth Band, since 1998, and is currently on the "Tour of the Worlds 2003" with DLR.
* Toured with MCA/Koch artists the Nixons and is currently performing with several LA acts including Metal Shop - as seen on the Discover Card commercial "Danger Kitty"
* Instructor at Musicians Institute (PIT) Hollywood, CA (1992 - present)
* Performed over 800 Live shows
* Recorded over 155 sessions including TV and movies
* Ray is endorsed by : Sabian, DW, Remo, Promark, and Orange County Drum and Percussion

Album Credits:
2003: David Lee Roth "Diamond Dave"
2003: "Hideous Sun Demons"
2002: "Honky MoFo" (featuring Ricky Wolking)
2002: Tracy G "Deviating From the Setlist"
2001: Tracy G "Katt Gutt"
2001: Zac Maloy Band
2001: Jason Becker Tribute CD
2001: Freak Power Ticket "Rock Hard Compilation"
2000: Driven4 Song Promo Cd With Tracy G
1999: Tracy G's "Driven"
1998: David Lee Roth "DLRBand"
1998: David Lee Roth "Slam Dunk" single
1998: Medicine Wheel "Small Talk"
1998: Mike Hartman "Black Glue"
1998: Freak Power Ticket
1997: Medicine Wheel "Immoral Fabric"
1996: Jeffology (Tribute to Jeff Beck) with Jake E. Lee
1995: Darren Housholder "Symphonic Aggression"
1994: Hard Rock Magazine Compilation CD.Band: Medicine Wheel
1994: Howling Iguanas
1994: Metal Edge Compilation "Best of L.A."
1994: Medicine Wheel "First Things First"
1993: T.J. Martell Foundation Benefit CD. Band: Ivory Tower
1993: Darren Housholder "Generator Man"
1993: Toby Knapp "Guitar Distortion"
1993: Tony Fredianelli "Breakneck Speed"
1993: Shrapnel Guitar Greats Compilation
1993: Concrete Foundations Forum Compilation
1992: Darren Housholder
1990: 9.0 "Too Far Gone"


2003: David Lee Roth "Tour of the Worlds"
2002: David Lee Roth/Sammy Hagar "The Heavyweight Champs of Rock n' Roll"
2001: David Lee Roth- US Arena/Club and festivals
2000: Nixons (MCA/ Koch recording artists)
1999-2000: David Lee Roth - US Arena/club and European festivals
1998: Perfect World Ent. - US / Brazil
1995: Arcade (w/ Stephen Pearcy) - US tour
1994: Jake E. Lee (Ozzy Osborne) - US tour
1994: Medicine Wheel - Promotional and club tour in Japan
1990-1991: 9.0 - US club tour

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