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Ramon Yslas

This internationally known percussionist, an Mexican-American of Los Angeles, has been keeping pretty busy these past few years. He has performed on Award shows with the Artists listed above:
Grammy Awards,
Latin Grammy Awards
MTV Video Music Awards
American Music Awards
Specials for : ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX
Also, performed on the title song of the award winning show "Sex and the City". other t.v. shows include: Saturday Night Live, the Tonight show, Jimmy Kimmel Good Morning America. He then joined Christina Aguilera's "Stripped Tour" in late 2002 . This tour went everywhere !! US, Japan, Europe, Australia, Canada..the tour ended with a performance on the grammy's in '04. Ramon, along with good friend and composer, Dave Shephard, started a production company,"raydius music" in late 2002. He also has plans to do his own c.d. soon.

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