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Pete Zeldman

New York drummer Pete Zeldman now resides in London and is pushing the boundaries of rhythm once again. Jack De Johnette once told Pete, "you have changed the face of drumming and you can change the face of music."
Pete's now doing just that as he is no longer underground but `in your face' with a prolific list of cutting-edge independence, technique and innovative concepts leading all the way to the 4th dimension of drumming.
He has emerged from a break in the business, is back with a vengeance and is blowing minds whenever and wherever he plays. Pete is `breaking the sound barrier', but even more confounding than before and has made the 4th dimension accessible to the listener. Aside from working with Steve Vai way back when, Pete Zeldman has been known to musically involve himself with various members of P Funk, Baron Brown, Vic Bailey, Jaco Pastorius, Oteil Burbride and many more.

His solo projects, and ten years of teaching at the Drummers Collective in NYC, put him in the forefront of the rhythmic community, creating a buzz amongst all stylists.
He has taught concept to every range of musician from known rock, funk, fusion and jazz bands to teaching classical composers, arrangers and musicians.

For years people like Dennis Chambers, Bob Moses, Billy Hart, Terry Bozio, Trilok Gurtu, Zak Danziger and countless other drummers sought Pete out, though he remained an underground enigma.

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