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Paul Mac Mc Kinnon

"REVIVAL" drummer, Paul McKinnon,has a "storied" past in the Music Industry. In the late "sixties" he toured with "Mitch Ryder & The Detroit Wheels", with a group called "The Good Earth" whose lead vocalist, "Oliver", recorded the well-known hits, "Good Morning Starshine" & "Jean, Jean". The Good Earth had moderate success with their Bob Crewe produced album "How Deep is The Ocean" on the Dynovoice label.Paul is listed inDRUMMERS' DIRECTORY, an international listing of famous drummers as well asinBOSTON'S ROCK & ROLL MUSEUM. Originally from Lowell, Massachusetts, Paulbegan performing professionally at the legendary "Commodore Ballroom", in Lowellwith the house band, "Little John & The Sherwoods".

The group was the opening act at the Commodore for just about every late sixties group known at that time,including "The Yardbirds, Loving Spoonful, Young Rascals, The Doors, Buffalo Springfield, Wilson Pickett, Four Seasons, The Troggs,The Byrds,The Association, The Hollies, Paul Butterfield Blues Band, Spencer Davis Group, The Jeff Beck Group,The Animals, The Turtlesandmany more!
Duringthat period, Paul was known for his "Long, blazing Drum Solos".Hesoon caught the attention ofsome"big-name" people & wascompared to Keith Moon, & Ginger Baker.Paul was considered one of the hardest working drummers of that era.
The Sherwoods,which included Paul,as well as "Little John Harrington" (legendary New England guitarist), bassist Barry Bluffer and guitarist Ricky Zienereventually changedtheir name to "Beauregarde's Brigade" & later, formed "The Good Earth" & replaced "The Doors" as Mitch Ryder's opening act.

The "highlight" ofPaul's musical career occured on March 25, 1968 ,in Cleveland, while performing with "The Good Earth" at a place called "Otto's Grotto". It was a rare club "Gig" for the group, as they were usually on the road with The Mitch Ryder Show.
"Jimi Hendrix" wasin townbecause of an upcoming concert. "Jimi" was spotted in the audience and, during one of the group's breaks, was half-jokingly asked to sit in. (Actually, some people thought he was just a look-alike!). Paul, and everyone else there that night were amazed to see "Jimi" return twenty minutes later, with his "Strat" in hand, to join the group on stage.
"Foxy Lady" & "Fire" were performed in front of a relatively smallMonday night crowd. This particular event inspiredPaul to later write a song called "Rock & Roll Heaven" (Hey Joe! Are you jammin' with Jimi these days?)
Paul McKinnon has been, and still is, a much sought after sideman.
Paul now resides in Fenvick, Ontario. Since moving to Canada, in 1981, he has shared the stage with Randy Bachman, (The Guess Who & BTO), former Rolling Stone, Mick Taylor, Natalie MacMaster, Blue Rodeo & others.
Paul wasa memberof The James Anthony Band for the better part of 2002 & 2003. After doing some studio work, Paul is now a member ofREVIVAL,an exciting new Rock group dedicated to keeping"Classic Rock" alive& well by performing their versions of classic"covers" along with their own original compositions.

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