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Nickos Kapilidis

It took a lot of time and work but I'm now on my way to write a book about it. For those who aren't familiar with Odd Rhythms. They can learn the basic elements in bars like 5/8-7/8-9/8 and slowly move to the jazz approach with bigger bars as I mentioned earlier. It will be useful for those who know about Odd Rhythms and want to expand their knowledge in different approaches.

For the last five years,I've been working on a project concerning Odd Rhythms from Greece with a jazz approach. I combine the Odd Rhythms with the jazz concept and sound in bars like 11/8-14/8-17/8 etc.

Although I'm writting this book for drums, it can be used by other musicians due to the way it's been written.

For the moment you can go to the '' Odd Rhythms'' page to listen some samples from "Jazz Utopia". The Jazz Utopia is a trio I formed in 2002. The Jazz Utopia consist of my-self and two other excellent musicians:
Vasso Demetriou-guitars,tzoura and Nickos Hadjopoulos-upright el.bass
As composers, all three of us contribute to the work on Odd Rhythms and combine jazz harmony with Greek mellodies. OUR CD IS JUST RELEASED UNDER THE TITLLE ''AROTHYMIAN '' BY MUSE.GR. For the moment we are touring Greece and playing our music.

As for the future ,I would like to bring our music to different audiences,do clinics and share this Information with other people.

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