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Mino Petruzzelli

After his worldwide acclaimed debut album "Metallic Universe" Mino has once again released an album full of fresh and innovating dance floor tracks.
Tracks such as Dancing with The Dragon, Cyber Sex and Supernatural combine strong progressive rhythms, deep pulsating bass lines, hypnotic effects and atmospheric soundscapes making this well produced album a sure dance floor killer and a must in all trance CD collections.

Metallic Universe is the scorching debut album from Mino. Featuring nine new stormers and including collaborations with DJ Sangeet and Elysium. With tracks such as Happy People, Metallic Universe and 2000 Compatible blowing up the dance floor on every occasion they are played. These tracks are all made to kill!!

Mino has played drums for over 20 years. In 1985 he moved from Israel to Denmark where he established his music career playing drums and freelancing on different projects. Including acid jazz with his band "Pass The Butter" where he toured with Fred Wesley (James brown's trombonist), to established trance names such as Astral Projection, Elysium, Orion (Jean Borelli), and DJ Sangeet.
Over the last couple of years Mino has worked very hard in the studio as well as on the stage performing his energetic live show at international trance events. This work has made him a highly acclaimed artist among his loyal fans and the international press.

It is fair to say that his background as a very talented drummer has shown its effect in his present success as a recording artist and as a live artist making his unique live show, a welcome break from the traditional trance appearances.

The past year Mino has worked intensively creating nine new deep and pulsating tracks with strong percussive patterns and atmospheric sounds. He continues to explore the electronic music universe and search for new sides of his constant growing multi talent.

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