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Mike Portnoy

Mike Portnoy is the acclaimed drummer of Dream Theater as well as various side-projects such as Liquid Tension Experiment, TransAtlantic and O.S.I.
Mike's long list of Awards include 21 Modern Drummer Magazine Reader's Poll Awards including: 2004 Hall of Fame Inductee, Best Progressive Rock Drummer (10 years in a row!!), Best Clinician (twice), Best Educational Video/DVD for Liquid Drum Theater, and Best Recorded Performance of the Year (5 times) for Dream Theater's Awake, A Change of Seasons, Falling Into Infinity, Scenes From A Memory, and Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence.
Winner (first place) of the 'Best Instructional Drum Video/DVD' -Modern Drummer Magazine's 2002 Readers Poll

Drummie Award for Best Video 2002, -Drum Magazine
'The DVD set is a MUST BUY for any musician hoping to improve their chops or just be entertained by the amazing drumming of Mike Portnoy...There is so much to this deep and useful instructional video that you will continue to view it for years to come.'-The New Digital Reporter, December 24, 2001 VOTED BEST VIDEO 2000***-Modern Drummer Magazine '...contains everything you would ever want to know about Portnoy's performances...for Portnoy fans this show is guaranteed to entertain and enlighten.' -Mike Heid, Modern Drummer Magazine, April 2000
Disc One features music from both CDs by Liquid Tension Experiment and includes footage shot at Millbrook Studios where both were recorded. Mike performs eight songs/segments and breaks down parts from each, explaining how to develop a "toolbox" of fills and patterns to draw from. Featured throughout is exclusive footage of the making of the first LTE album, as well as rare live footage of the band.

Disc Two focuses on the music of Dream Theater and features footage shot at Beartracks Studios. Mike performs eleven songs/segments from the Falling Into Infinity and Scenes From A Memory CDs and isolates the drum parts from each song. He discusses playing in odd-time signatures, developing double-bass drum technique, soloing, and much more. Includes exclusive live footage of Dream Theater from their 1998 World Tour.

Special DVD Features: Two Bonus, Live Performances, one by Dream Theater and one by Liquid Tension Experiment! Over twenty minutes of new footage! Also features a full-length commentary by Mike, a camera switching option, allowing the viewer to "direct" four studio performances, a photo gallery, and more!

I came up with the basic concept for my Melody Master signature snare drums (I named them after my daughter Melody) about four years ago. I thought about how many drummers use several different snares in the studio. Or how they have two snare drums on their own kit to get two different types of sounds. So I suggested to Tama the idea of a snare strainer that locked into several different positions as opposed to just two. In response they built me a custom drum with a foot pedal that activated the throw-off on the drum. It functioned much like a tympani or it could lock into three positions: off, loose, and tight. Later we took the three-position concept and applied it to the much simpler manual throw-off that's used in the new signature snares. With this unique Three-Way strainer, I can get different settings with the same snare drum from song to song - and I can even change settings from section to section within the same song.

Of my two signature models, one is a 5 X 12" piccolo-type snare with a steel shell. It has the attack to stand out on a track, but enough low-end to round out the bottom. The other is a 5 1/2" X 14" maple drum very much like the foot operated one I've been using for years. This new version will be my full-time main snare now, and I'll retire the foot-operated one.

The two different models complement one another and they complement my kit. That's important because I think the snare is the most important factor in a drum kit. Ultimately, it's the main timekeeper in terms of creating a backbeat.

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