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Michelle Josef

Michelle Josef has been an active and prominent member of the Canadian music scene for the past twenty seven years. She has studied privately with Jimmy Norman, Jim Blackley, Peter Magadini, and Memo Acevedo. She has also studied jazz (with Don Vickery) and orchestral percussion (with Roger Flock) at Humber College.
Michelle is currently working in Toronto as a freelance session musician and can be seen every performing on festival and concert stages with Hey Stella, Daisy DeBolt, Ellen McIlwaine, TBS Toronto Womens' Blues Revue, Brian (Colorblind) Blain and Sister Act.

Occasionally the Great Spirit grants an individual the opportunity to reincarnate without actually dying. Such is the case with Michelle Josef. She is the present day incarnation of drummer Bohdan Hluszko who gave up his identity to become Michelle in September 1997. To many, she is both a newcomer and an old friend. The name and form may have changed, but the sparkle in the eye, the bite in the humour, and the passion in the playing will be familiar. Celebrating her 27th year of musicianship, Michelle brings a wealth of playing experience as well as a unique perspective on life." Edmonton Folk Music Festival program 1999
She has performed and recorded with a wide spectrum of Canadian and international artists including:
The Rhythm Rockets
The Good Brothers
Sylvia Tyson
David Wilcox
Amos Garrett and Geoff Muldaur
Ken Whiteley
Chris Whiteley
Leroy Sibbles
house band at Albert's Hall
Blind John Davis
Otis Rush
Etta James
Edmonton folkfest houseband/1986-1999
Garrett, Taylor Sahm Band
Sherry Kean
Johnny Dee Fury
Sharon, Lois & Bram
Danny Brooks
Brian BlackThunder
Ellen McIlwaine
Jack Dekeyser
Wild Strawberries
Jann Arden
Prairie Oyster
Hey Stella!
Toronto Blues Society
Womens' Blues Revue/1998, 1999, 2000, 2001
Rita Chiarelli
Ember Swift
Brian (Colorblind) Blain

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