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Massimo Manzi

Born in Bari in 1961. Featured in Big Bands, as singer, between 1990 and 1994, with the JAZZ STUDIO ORCHESTRA.
From 1994 to 1995, he lived and performed in LOS ANGELES in many Jazz Clubs with his own project dedicated to NAT KING COLE.
He studied with GENE MERLINO vocal improvisation.
Since 1997, he sings with the ITALIAN BIG BAND conducted by MARCO RENZI. He took part in 1997 in an ITALIAN NATIONAL RADIO BROADCASTING called "Stasera a Via Asiago" producted by Adriano Mazzoletti on RAI STEREO DUE.
In May of 1999 recorded on his name the album "Nuttin' But Nat" devoted to NAT KING COLE, in which play Franco Cerri (g), Fabrizio Bosso (tp), Massimo Manzi (d), Guido Di Leone (g).
This cd has been introduced by Giuliano Fournier in a radio broadcast of the National Swiss Radio "RETE 1".

In the 1998, he used to be the pianist of the Italian singer NICOLA ARIGLIANO.
In 1999, he partecipated in a TV MUSIC SHOW on RAI RADIOTELEVISIONE ITALIANA dedicated to NATALINO OTTO, as singer of the signature.
On march 2000, performed for Italian Embassy in Turkey (Izmir and Ankara).
On June 2000, performed at the "MIDDLEBURY COLLEGE (Vermont - USA).
On the 3rd of July 2000, he performed for a very special evening at VERONA JAZZ FESTIVAL sharing the stage with Natalie Cole and the Herbie Hancock.
He recorded 7 Cds, with his own album dedicated to Nat King Cole.
In March 2001 performed for Italian Institute of Culture of Addis Ababa - Ethiopia.
In March 2002 performed in Turkey at Izmir 9° European Jazz Festival, Ankara - University of Hacettepe and Istanbul.
In febbruary 2003 he performed in INDIA at the KALA GHODA ART FESTIVAL of Mumbai and at the KAMANI AUDITORIUM of New Delhi. In June of the same year he performed in Greece at the MEGARO MOUSIKIS in Athens, Thessaloniki and Patras.
He partecipated in summer 2003 among others, to TERNI JAZZ FESTIVAL, LIVORNO JAZZ FESTIVAL and RIMINI JAZZ FESTIVAL.
On the 2nd of July 2003 performed at MIDDLEBURY COLLEGE in VERMONT in a "solo" recital of Piano and Voice.
In december 2003, he recorded in New York with Dado Moroni (p), Ira Coleman (cb) and Jimmy Cobb (dr).
In May 2004 performed at MOHAMED V THEATER in Rabat (Morocco). In July appered on TV RAI UNO - LINEA BLU.
In November 2004 he performed in ROMANIA at Arcub Theater with his quartet and in TUNISIA at Quadrième Art Theater with Dixinitaly Jazz Band.
In December he performed in the Italian tour with Gary Smulyan, Ira Coleman, Bepi D'Amato, Michel Carrabba and Enzo Lanzo in a Gerry Mulligan Tribute.
On February 2005 he performed with his quartet at the "Philips Dubai International Jazz Festival"
On March 2005 an Italian Tour with FRANCO CERRI and in April he performed again in the Arab Emirates at the ABU DHABI INTERNATIONAL JAZZ FESTIVAL.
On September will perform for Ischia Jazz by Umbria Jazz with his trio.
On October he will perform with his quartet at the Manly Jazz Festival - Sydney Australia, Kyneton Jazz Festival and Italian Jazz Festival - Melbourne than continue the tour through Cina -Hong Kong, Shanghai and Macau.

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