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Kenne Thomas

Author, percussionist, and educator. His "Hand Drumming Independence" is featured. Site also includes workshops, drum circle information, photos and online quizzes.
Kenne Thomas presents workshops and seminars in world music featuring drums from a small planet.
Music is expression for the cultures of the world. This seminar is to point out our similarities and differences through music of the world. By understanding the music of other cultures I hope people will begin to appreciate each other, bringing us closer together as a world community. We can celebrate the diversity among us by sharing our common elements. Using our global link, music we can learn about, and share our unique qualities.
The most common musical instrument on earth is-the drum. In the Bantu language of the African sub-Saharan region, the word Ngoma represents the inseparable concepts of, drum, dance, and song. This belief is shared by other cultures of the world, also. So I present, La Musique du Monde, World Music, Pheeg puv tebchaws, Musica del Mundo, Sekai no Ongaku, in a forum for all. Come and enjoy, play, create, and share the experience of world music with drums from a small planet!

In addition to subbing with the Roseville Big Band, Kenne is a percussionist with the St. Paul Civic Symphony. and plays drum set in Nice and Easy, a supper club combo that also includes Mike Wobig and Lauren Redpath. He formerly played percussion in the Grand Symphonic Winds.
Among his other musical activites, Kenne is an author and workshop facilitator for world music. He is the author of "Clave: The Beat" in the December, 2004, issue of the Percussive Arts Society journal, Percussive Notes.

Perhaps you attended one of his "Drums from a Small Planet" workshops. You might have seen him in 2004 on the KARE Channel 11 TV Morning Show or read his article, "Go Bang a Drum," in the September, 2002, issue of Prevention magazine.

After graduating from Moorhead State University with a degree in Instrumental Music Education, Kenne toured the United States and the world with several different groups. While living in Japan, Kenne composed, performed, and recorded extensively while studying the Japanese art of Taiko drumming.

Kenne teaches all levels of drumming, including modern drum set performance and hand drumming in African, Latin, and Taiko styles.

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