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Jon Mattox

Son of a great musician and also the grandson of a Latvian painter, music and art was always in the home, and in the DNA for that matter. My father was always hip to rock, modern jazz, and classical music, so I heard a lot of different music growing up. He even gave me my own BEATLES collection when I was 3 years old (from Rubber Soul on...) and I know that had a LOT to do with my becoming a musician too. I've drummed with many different bands and artists here in Los Angeles, across the states, and internationally too. I do studio work as well, and I've recorded with some amazing producers including Steve Albini, Francis Buckley, Matt Forger, Geza X, Josquin DePres, Jonathan Grossman, Thom Panunzio, Johnny Indovina, and Michael Blum.

If you turn on CBS on Friday nights, you'll hear my drumming on the theme song for JOAN OF ARCADIA. Joan Osborne re-recorded a new version of "ONE OF US" for the show, and I got the opportunity to play with her on it.
I've been fortunate to work with a great variety of people and bands onstage and in the studio too. Here's an ongoing list:

The Armadillo Man
Baloon Astronomy
Cassie Berns
Bien Suave
Bishop Jones
Cal Bennett
Bourbon Poets
Brazil 2001
Bubba and the Big Bad Blues
John Carrillo
Jon Catler
Champagne Velvet
Curt Christian
Justin Clayton
Kia Colton
Jill Castanzo
Cram Bros
Tracey Dawn
Dead Rock West
Dogwood Moon
Mary Dolan
The Enablers

From 1993 through October 1999, I was a core member of The Young Dubliners. I played drums and percussion on the first 4 albums. The band toured constantly around the entire U.S. and also in Europe.

After leaving the Young Dubliners, I was immediately back on the road touring with British singer/songwriter Justin Clatyon supporting his album called Limb in 1999 and 2000. It was a great change of pace musically going from Irish rock to Brit-Rock. We toured all over the United States and Mexico too.

In November of 2001, I did a 14 day stint in Greenland with singer/songwriter Kathleen Lague. That was an experience. More recently (in 2004), I toured around the US with the alternative rock group called Purple Planet.

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