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John Macaluso

When your first major tour includes a make-believe club date performing for surrealist director David Lynch and actor Nicolas Cage, you know your career has taken an unorthodox turn. For unconventional drummer John Macaluso, his appearance with Powermad during Cage's volatile bar scene in the movie Wild At Heart (1989) couldn't have been a more appropriate forecast.

Frustrated with only playing rock's restrictive 2 and 4 around the world as a hired gun in bands like TNT, Macaluso broke away, forming Ark in 1998.

Splattering a decade's worth of pent-up imagination onto their self-titled debut disk, Ark grabbed peers and prog fans. Their 2002 follow-up and final album, Burn The Sun, solidified their "no rules" reputation. Admirers like Joe Lynn Turner (Rainbow) likened Ark's heavy invention to "AC/DC playing prog rock." Ark also caught the ear of Dream Theater's Mike Portnoy, leading to Macaluso's placement on singer James LaBrie's recent solo tour.
"They were the first albums where I was the co-writer," says Macaluso of his time in Ark. "I wanted to make something where people would say, `You can't do that.' Then I say, `Who says we can't?' It was a no-rules band. I think that's why musicians really dug it."

Notorious guitar virtuoso Yngwie Malmsteen tapped the wild-card player in 1999 for a three-year tour of duty, where Macaluso became the only drummer to ever solo on a Malmsteen album (Alchemy).

Now Macaluso reunites with TNT vocalist Tony Harnell for the drum-driven Starbreaker CD and early fall tour. "Usually drums are recorded first," says Macaluso. "Here, Tony's vocals were down already with a click, so I could play off his emotion and accent the phrasing."

In October, expect the debut CD from Macaluso's new band, Masterlast, where "techno/jungle meets double bass." And Macaluso's method book, Repercussions, is also readied at the gates. In it, mentor Joe Franco compliments Macaluso's creativity, while a grinning Nicko McBrain embraces its humor as it also reveals tested tricks of the trade.


ARK - Ark; Burn The Sun; Aradiokaos (soon to be released) / Favored Nations, Inside Out, Avalon Records, NTS Records

YNGWIE MALMSTEEN - Alchemy (Gold Record Award); Anthology; War To End All Wars / Pony Canyon, Spitfire Records

TNT - Realized Fantasies (Gold Record Award); Three Nights In Tokyo; Fire Fly (Soldier Of The Light) / Atlantic Records

RIOT - Brethren Of The Longhouse / Sony Records

MCM - Ritual Factory / Lion Records

ALEX MASI - Vertical Invader / Metal Blade Records

MASI/MACALUSO - Masi/Macaluso (soon to be released)

DELMAR BROWN - Forever After

WILD AT HEART - The Motion Picture Soundtrack (also appeared in movie) / Polydor Records (Cannes Film Festival Winner)

JORN LANDE - Jorn / Frontiers Records

POWERMAD - Absolute Power / Warner Bros. Records

OURS - Dream Works records

STARBREAKER - Frontiers records


PAUL HANSON - The Visitor / MGI Records

SPREAD EAGLE - Open To The Public / MCA Records

Holy Mother - untitled

MASTER LAST - Think Of The Day


COUNT BASEHEAD - Basehead / Trust Me Records

MOTT STREET DEVIL - Mott Street Devil

NOVA - In An Instant / Indigo Records

KRS-1 - (session)


2005 James LaBrie (U.S. and Europe) * 2004 George Lynch (U.S.) * 2003 MCM (Mexico) * 2001 ARK (Europe) - Prog Power Festival (U.S.); Yngwie Malmsteen (U.S.) * 2000 Yngwie Malmsteen (World Tour: Japan, U.S.,Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Korea) * 1997 Riot (World Tour) * 1996 Riot (Japan) * 1992 TNT (Scandinavia, Japan) * 1989 POWERRMAD (U.S., Mexico) * 1988 AAlex Masi (U.S.) * 1986 NOVA (U.S.)


Produced albums for ARK (ARK and Burn The Sun); Angel -A; Unhappy Jack (a tribute to The Who); Laura Berman; Count Basehead


Peformed clinics for: The Long Island Drum Center; Sam Ash Music; The Studio (NYC); Musicians Institute (P.I.T); The Bitter End (NYC); LI Rock Studios (NY); Notak Music & Malandra Music (Italy)


TAMA Drums; Vic Firth Drum Sticks; Sabian Cymbals; Fischer In Ear Monitors


The Long Island Drum Center; Sam Ash Music; The Studio (NYC); teaching private students for over 18 years


Studied privately with: Joe Franco; Rod Morgenstein; Ralph Humphry; Tommy Aldridge; Dom Famularo; Al Miller; Jim Holland; Casey Scherelle; Frank Balluchi; Efrin Toro; Mike Lauren; Joe Porcaro; Jim Chapin. Graduate of Musicians Institute (P.I.T.)




Recorded soundtrack for, and appeared in, David Lynch's Wild At Heart (1st place winner - Cannes Film Festival, 1990). Recorded soundtrack for the motion picture, DAD. Independent soundtracks: The Beatle Fan, Lonely.


Universal Amphitheater (LA); Sun Plaza Hall (Tokyo); every House of Blues (U.S.); Seoul University (Korea); Fillmore West (San Francisco, CA); Riverfest (Saint Paul, MN); Roseland Ballroom (NYC); Key Club (LA)


Pete Steel (Type O Negative); Richie Sambora (Bon Jovi); Dave Fucynski; Nona Hendrix; Kevin Harris (Santana); Jane County; Felecia Collins (The David Letterman Show); Richie Canata (Billy Joel); Ezo; Overkill; Jeff Scott Soto; Delmar Brown (Sting); Fiona

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