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Jamie Janover

A self-taught musician and photographer, Jamie Janover has developed numerous interests into a full-time creative career. He began playing music on the drums at age fourteen and has gone on to become a diverse instrumentalist, familiar and comfortable with many different styles of music. His greatest strength, however, lies in his ability to listen. He has done extensive exploration into the realm of improvisation and is especially recognized as a true innovator on the hammered dulcimer, He brings new direction to the ancient instrument by applying diverse percussive techniques drawn from the other instruments he plays: drumset, multi-percussion, tabla, udu, bongos, congas, timbales and didjeridoo. In September, 2002, Jamie won the 2002-2003 National Hammered Dulcimer Championships in Winfield, Kansas.

Since moving to Boulder, Colorado in 1995, Jamie has played with a diverse group of bands and solo artists including: Zilla, The Motet, Zuvuya, The Theory Of Everything, The Zambiland Orchestra, Nederland Acid Jazz, Beth Quist, Vibe Squad and his own bands: Jamie Janover and the Realms Ensemble, Jamie Janover and Friends and Jamie Janover's Loop Realm.
Jamie is a veteran of hundreds of guest appearances. Some of the artists that Jamie has performed on stage and / or recorded with include: Phish, Stanley Jordan, Bela Fleck, The String Cheese Incident, Leftover Salmon, G. Love and Special Sauce, Sector 9, The Slip, Karl Denson's Tiny Universe, Garaj Mahal, Deep Banana Blackout, Govt' Mule, Keller Williams, The Tony Furtado Band, Hamsa Lila, Jimmy Herring, The Jazz Mandolin Project, Future Man, Fareed Haque Group,New Monsoon, Umphree's McGee and with members of : The Grateful Dead, The Rebirth Brassband, moe., Big Head Todd and The Monsters, Jacob Fred Jazz Odessy, Widespread Panic, Blueground Undergrass and The Yonder Mountain String Band.

Jamie has appeared on over 20 official CD releases including CDs by The String Cheese Incident, ZILLA, G. Love and Special Sauce, Keller Williams, Garaj Mahal, Stewart Lewis, Shanti Groove, Wendy Woo, Chupacabra and Stephen Halpern.

Over the years, Jamie has performed at many prestigious venues and festivals across the country including Red Rocks Amphitheater, The Telluride Bluegrass Festival, The High Sierra Music Festival, The Oregon Country Fair, The Summit Music Festival, Berkfest, Phish's festival style shows: Lemmonwheel and The Great Went, String Cheese Incident's New Years Eve and Horning's Hideout Festivals, Tipatina's in New Orleans, The Blue Note in Las Vegas, The Knitting Factory in Hollywood, and The Burlington Discover Jazz Festival.

Jamie is reinventing the hammered dulcimer. Having come from a drumming background, he recognized the incredible potential of the instrument and focused on the percussive techniques of playing the strings. Over time, Janover has developed his own approach to the ancient instrument and a unique style characterized by the intricate interplay between rhythm and melody, the use of odd time signatures, metric modulation and dynamic changes of volume and tempo. He has done extensive exploration into the realm of improvisation, often creating extended spontaneous compositions. He began playing the tabla, congas, djembe, udu and bongos thereby expanding his percussive reach into the world of hand drumming. He learned to play the didjeridoo while living in Australia in 1990.

Jamie Janover released his first solo hammered dulcimer recording called, "Stellar Conversations" in 1988 followed by a multi- track recording in 1989 that featured Janover on hammered dulcimer, drums and percussion called "Trapezohedron".The next release called,"Streams of Consciousness", was released in 1989 and also featured Janover on the didjeridoo. Having acquired one of the best hammered dulcimers one can find (a fully chromatic, four plus octaveinstrument, complete with a dual damper pedal system built by Sam Rizzetta) Jamie put out his first CD called "Evolutions" which consists of 12 solo improvisations recorded in the summer of 1993. His next CD is called "Realms". Released in Oct. of 1998, the recording marks the expansion of Jamie's musical directions. Each song was inspired by a different style of music. The CD features twenty guest musicians playing a wide variety of instruments. The guests include members of Phish, The String Cheese Incident, Leftover Salmon, The Jazz Mandolin Project and The Felcktones. Jamie plays hammered dulcimer on every track and drums, percussion, tabla, udu, tamboura or didjeridoo on several tracks."All Strings Considered" was released in 2000, and is an album of duets with the innovative bowhammer cymbalom player Michael Masley. The most recent CD release is a solo hammered dulcimer recording called "Now, Center of Time" that came out out in July 2002. Jamie has performed all over the U.S.. He has also played in Canada, in Africa, for the Masai of Kenya, and in Australia. His live performances have included accompanying dance and theater as well as solo hammered dulcimer concerts, playing in numerous bands / ensembles on drum kit, percussion, dulcimer and didjeridoo.

In 1998 Janover launched Realm Music, an independent record label that carries his music and CDs of artists with whom he has worked. Based in Boulder, Colorado, Realm Music's mission is to spread the musical visions of independent artists. Music that is unique and moves the mind and the body. The label has a web site where one can listen to and order CDs at www.realmmusic.com.

Janover's music has been featured on the NPR radio program All Things Considered and on New Sounds. It has also been used for television soundtracks, theater and dance performances, and film. His work has been treated in the pages of Dirty Linen, Relix, Dulcimer Player News, The Boulder Daily Camera, Boulder Weekly and on Jambands.com. His Now Center of Time CD was featured on NPR's web program All Songs Considered.

Jamie plays solo hammered dulcimer shows, drums with his Realms Ensemble, Zilla, Vibe Squad, Nederland Acid Jazz, and percussion with a few other bands. He plays hammered dulcimer and drums in his latest project is called Zilla which features Michael Travis from the String Cheese Incident along with Aaron Holstien and Steve Vidiac.

An incredible new step in Jamie's creative output was his invention of the Realms Mobile, which is a musical vehicle! The Realms Mobile is a recumbent tricycle, attached to which is a mini-simulated drumkit. This enables Jamie to play drums with both hands and pedal around at the same time! It has created quite a sensation at large festivals including String Cheese Incident's New Year's eve festivals, Leftover Salmon's Planet Salmon Festival and the Burning Man festival. Currently, Jamie is performing with the aid of a loop sampler, which enables him to repeat musical phrases and add many other layers using multiple instruments, composing rich musical tapestries of sound - "Jamie Janover's Loop Realm".

Jamie plays for weddings and private parties.
He also does school assemblies in which he presents the hammered dulcimer, tabla and didjeridoo.

With each new project, new album, new band and new instrument comes another step in the evolution of Jamie's creativity. He continues to cross-pollinate both genres and mediums in his diverse explorations into the infinite realms of the creative process. Although best known for his musical abilities, especially on the hammered dulcimer, Janover is a truly multi-talented and totally unique artist in the broadest sense of the term.

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