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Isaiah Williams

Nine-year old jazz drum prodigy Isaiah Durant Williams was born in on November 15, 1994 to Drue and Janet Williams. The youngest of five children, it is not only his drum talent that is miraculous but his very birth. Isaiah's then 40-year-old mother conceived him five years after his older sister was born, despite having surgery to prevent conception after her youngest daughter's birth. Because of his miraculous conception and birth, his parents knew that he came into the world for special purpose-one that would manifest itself shortly after he was born.
Isaiah's interest in music became apparent in early infancy. If he heard a jingle on television while he was crawling across the floor, he would stop crawling and begin rocking back and forth to the beat on his hands and knees. As soon as he was able to pull himself to his feet and move along surfaces as he held on, any flat surface available became a drum, with or without music.

Seeing something clearly unusual about this infant who could dance and tap out beats with accurate timing and rhythm, for his first birthday, Isaiah's parent bought him a toy drum set. The drum set was so tiny, their was no chair small enough to put behind it so Isaiah had to sit on a plastic bucket!
Barely being able to balance his small body on that bucket did nothing to discourage the determined toddler from hitting his shiny new cymbals or beating the drums with his tiny sticks. Isaiah made his first public appearance was at age two, in a church talent show with his dad and has been keeping audiences in awe of his talent since.
At age nine, he has an enviable list of accomplishments with 11 professional endorsements including Vater Percussion sticks engraved with his name, Sabian cymbals and a custom DW drum kit, painted bright yellow with green trim and red accents in honor of the late Tony Williams, that has become Isaiah's trademark. He won Apollo Kids at 5 and appeared on Jenny Jones that week, headlined at the Lincoln Theater in Washington DC at 6 and performed at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame at 7. At 8, he recorded his first CD, Let the Kid Play, which features Grammy winning Bela Fleck & the Flecktones saxaphonist Jeff Coppin and bassist Victor Wooten and did his first East Coast tour earlier this year with Grammy winning Drumitarist, Roy "Futureman" Wooten, another Flecktone who appears on Isaiah's CD.
His band, The Isaiah Williams Project, includes his equally talented and accomplished professional musician father, Drue Williams on bass guitar, his "uncle" James Dudley on keyboards and the group's newest member, Reginald Baker who plays keyboard and sings.
Isaiah is a member of St. John Baptist church in Alexandria, VA where he plays drums most Sundays in the music ministry headed by his parents. He is a fourth grader at Middleton Valley Academy School in Temple Hills, MD, attends the Marcellus Dance Studio where he studies ballet, jazz, tap and creative dance and has begun taking martial arts classes. In his spare time, Isaiah, who loves Spiderman and Max Steele, watches cartoons, plays video games and plays with his friends.

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