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Gregg Potter

Birthdate: August 19th
Birthplace: Chicago
(Same as Gene Krupa, different neighborhood.)
Favorite Buddy Rich album:
"Roar of 74",Tracks #1 & 4Nutville & Time Check Favorite Buddy Rich DVD: West Side Story; The Lost Tapes
Favorite Movies: JAWS, PSYCHO, Funny Car Summer, Idol Maker, LUCAS
Number of cymbals behind Gregg's head: 2 Type of Snare Drum GP uses: TRICK SKULL Millusion GP GS007

With his exciting and flamboyant drumming style. Gregg is what ROCK is all about!!!

A combination of technique, speed, power, and flash, drive this drumming juggernaut!
"Often imitated, but never duplicated!"
LIVE on stage this is the guy to watch...from sold out Concerts, to Radio, to MTV...he has SLAMMED them all! With a career that has taken him from Chicago to Hollywood, New York and to the World...he has jammed with some of the biggest names in ROCK! You could read more about Gregg in Rob Cooke's Slingerland book,the January 2003 issue of Vintage Drummer Magazine and his long awaited MODERN DRUMMERMagazine "First Person" feature! January 2004 Issue.

From his humble beginnings in Chicago, he took his drumming ability and charismatic personal style and has driven it as hard and fast as it will go and will continue to do so! From a First Place finish in the Slingerland/ Louie Bellson NationalDrum Contest at the World Famous Frank's Drum Shop (Yes, there were drum-offs before Guitar Center came along!) to landing his first Major drumming gig all before his seventeenth birthday. Live radio shows, daily television shows, even a few stops in feature films all before his first Major Label deal with Mercury Polygram recording artists SIREN. After that it was MTV, more concerts, tours, videos, and recordings. Gregg's list of artists he's played with is impressive. Believe it or not, his drumming even out shines his quick wit. Never short on words, or drum fills, Gregg will continue to push the envelope of his entertainment career. He is a TRUE Original!

Many people want to know about my drum kits. The diagrams show the two set-ups I use. The drums are all made by the TRICK DRUM Company. All machined aluminum shells. They are the most powerful sounding and feeling drums you will ever hear, or play. I'm a loud drummer. I need loud drums, to keep up with loud guitars and amps. You don't don't buy a Porsche to deliver groceries, and you don'tbuy weak drums to play hard! I findthe TRICK drums are sturdy,but not bulky the sound is clear and crisp! The snare drums are unmatched on any level, either in precision craftsmanship, or in all out sound and tonal quality. Check their Top Ratings in the Snare Drum Olympics. I use Aquarian heads throughout; 2 ply clear on the toms, and a High Energy on the snare! Along with the heads I use SLUG Percussion Product's Batter Badges on the kicks and toms, and Slug Powerhead beaters on my pedals. Rock solid Gibraltar Hardware keeps everything in place. It's strong, road worthy, and comes in every set up design imaginable. All I need now are my Vic Firth American Hickory drumsticks and I will be ready to do what ever damage is necessary but that doesn't soundvery "musical" I use all this GREAT equipment to enhance my percussive ability and to express my most passionate musical thoughts (or to just do my best Buddy Rich moves) and shake the fillings out of people's teeth!!!

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