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George Polyhronakos

George Polyhronakos was born in Melbourne (October 1964) and started playing drums when he was eighteen. He studied at the Victorian College of the Arts (Melbourne), completing his course (Jazz Department) with high distinction in 1988. During the same year, he was honored with the Gwen Nisbet Award for Outstanding Musical Talent.
While living in Australia he played and recorded with many prominent Australian musicians such as: Graeme Lyall, Tony Gould, Lisa Young, Ben Robertson, Linda Cable, Christine Sullivan, John Sangster, Joe Chindamo, Keith Hounslow and others, as well as visiting artists John Hoffman (USA), Peter Leitch (Canada) and Rudolf Josel (Austria).He became known as a composer while working in Melbourne with his own quartet under the title "Stringtalk" which performed mostly his original material.

He lived and played in Austria and Holland for a few months in 1992 before settling in Athens where he has been living ever since. Dimitrios Vassilakis, Takis Barberis, George Kontrafouris and Stratos Vougas are only a few of the well known Greek musicians he has worked with.
In his first personal CD under the title "blink", he performs his original compositions and arrangements along with 11 great Greek improvisers combined in various settings and playing styles.

"Multicolored, multileveled, flexible, imaginative, experienced, adventurous and earthly-composed the music of George Polyhronakos managed to turn references, styles and traditions into a party of generous sounds and great mood... creating one of the most complete "proposals" of greek jazz in recent years!
Hitech (magazine) March 2001

Here is some evidence of the colorful greek jazz scene... so it happened that a drummer managed to mold all this variety into a powerful musical act.
Difono (music magazine) Feb. 2001

he expresses himself with such emotion that leaves no doubt about his jazz background nor his class as a player. And it's only his first CD!
Exagram (greek web zine)

despite the fact that he is a rhythm player the first thing that becomes evident is his talent as a composer...
Pop & Rock (magazine) Jan. 2001

a mature CD, definitely one of the more interesting works from the local Jazz scene we've heard recently. G. Polyhronakos composes with obvious talent, in various styles displaying a contemporary approach.
I think that Blink is a very serious musical statement and surely enough a hopeful debut !
Jazz & Tzaz (music magazine)

inspired by the greats, from mainstream to avant garde, George Polyhronakos along with 11 capable Greek colleagues manages to turn into dust a malicious myth which wants drummers unable to make music that can surpass their own musical being !
Athinorama (magazine)

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