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Georg Voros

Georg Voros is a professional drummer, teacher and author with extensive involvement in the music industry. His drumming experience is across the board: professional cabaret work in five star hotels, working with signed pop/rock bands achieving chart success, running a private drum tuition studio, teaching in the forces and schools, military band experience from taking on the role of lead side drummer to playing in the jazz ensemble - orchestral percussionist - touring with notable artists, recording sessions with well known artists and producers, and... virtually every area that a working pro drummer undertakes to stay in the business. From refugee Hungarian parents, Georg Voros was born in Swaziland and later grew up in South Africa. He started his affair with drumming at an early age:
"I guess I was around six years old when my parents took me to a wedding where this band was playing. I can't remember a thing about the band but what I clearly recall is the drummers drum kit.

It was a three piece - bass drum , snare and one mounted tom, hi hats and one cymbal. Strangely enough it was the cymbal that turned me onto the drums. At that time I didn't even know it was called a cymbal, but realised one thing for sure, I was totally mesmerised by the sound of this strange object. Bssssh ... I can still hear the sound in my head and reckon it was probably an old 20" crash/ride or similar. From that day onward I was hooked. As a result, my parents bought me a toy drum which I banged the hell out until it didn't resemble a drum anymore.
Little did I know that this was the beginning of many hours of practise which I would eventually put in over the coming years."

His early drumming influences started with drummers such as Carl Palmer, Bill Bruford, Charlie Watts, Billy Cobham, Clive Bunker, and South African drummers such as session master Tony Moore, Mike Gray (ex Duncan Mackay - 10CC) and Derek 'Bokkie' de Beer of Johnny Clegg fame. As Georg started to do more recording sessions, session players like Steve Gadd, Jeff Porcaro and J.R. Robinson played an important part in creating more awareness of how important versatility can be in a drummers arsenal of playing styles.
In the UK, the artists, producers and engineers he has worked live and in the studio with are: Black Star Liner - Warner Brothers signed artists and 1999 Mercury Music Award nominees, The Stu Page Band - four times winners of the British Country Music Association best band award, Jimmy James and the Vagabonds - Seventies chart topping soul act, Lyn Paul - solo artist and ex 'New Seekers', Brendan Croker - producer/solo artist and member of 'The Notting Hillbillies', Steve Jones - engineer/producer whose credits include 'Lyle Lovett' and 'Acoustic Alchemy', Johnny Earle - solo artist and the only singer to have toured with the Original Elvis band and also 'The Jordanaires', Velvet Jungle - Sony signed chart funk band, Alan Barton - the late lead singer with multi chart hit band 'Smokie', Gail Davies - critically acclaimed Nashville based singer and songwriter, Wozani - South African UK based band world music band released in Europe, engineer/producer Nick Hunt - engineer/producer whose credits include 'Dave Stewart' and 'The Warm Jets', Gerry Hogan - The UK's foremost steel guitarist and bandleader of Albert Lee's Hogans Heroes, Umoja - The South African Hit Musical West End show...

In South Africa Georg has worked with: e'Void - successful number I chart hit band, Neil Solomon - well respected solo recording artist, Mara Louw - top selling solo female artist, Geraldine Brannigan - national tour with this Irish country singer, Pierre de Charmoy - solo MOR chart artist, Rene Arnell (Via Afrika), Cult Seventies band Steve Linnegars Snakeshed, and worked with musicians from top South African bands such as Hotline, Zia, Buttercup, City Limits, Backtrax.

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