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Garey Williams

Garey Williams has steadily built a reputation as both a world-class drummer and uniquely gifted educator. With over thirty years playing experience and over twenty years teaching experience, Garey has received attention from International publications and well known drummers.

Percussive Notes said: "Williams sounds like a combination of Vinnie Colaiuta and Peter Erskine through his careful attention to the orchestration of each section of the tune. His relaxed, flowing style suits the music, yet he is always pushing the other players to new heights."

Dom Famularo said: "I listened to the CD. I am very impressed with everything! You're playing was first class - creative, musical and inspired. This is 'Art'... and this is a wonderful contribution to the music industry. It sets a high standard and a clear vision of what to strive for!" Also: "Garey's clinic presentations are relaxed and well delivered. It's clear he's been doing this for a long time."

With a graduate background in Percussion Performance and Jazz Studies at Central Washington University, drummer Williams has been a fixture in the Northwest scene, having performed with such musicians as Diana Krall, Kristin Korb, Bud Shank, Barney McClure, Howard Roberts, Joe Williams and Dizzy Gillespie.
In 2001 he re-formed Ecstasy In Numbers with guitarist Mike Mattingly and bassist Rick White. The band became a hit on the underground scene and for three years have toured and performed in Seattle and the Northwest to standing-room-only crowds. The bands progressive-jazz/rock sound has been gaining the attention of clubs and promoters, as well as the ears of a small but growing European fan base.

Modern Drummer said: "Garey Williams displays a beautiful touch and emotion in his drumming. He performs with a strong technique and a keen sense of what to play in a studio situation to achieve the correct balance within a jazz/rock trio setting. His drums sound fat, wet, and well recorded. His cymbal work is very expressive...possesses noteworthy chops..." Also: There is not a standout track on the CD, They are ALL outstanding."

John Riley says: "I've just listened to your CD [The Search] and you sound great in the trio, congrats."

Rhythm Magazine said: "Garey plays with an attentive spark much the way Chad Wackerman did with Allan Holdsworth."

Garey has released a wealth of teaching materials under his own publishing company, Drumset Artistry. He has available: two educational videos; Developing a Solo Vocabulary, Rudiments Applied to the Drumset, two method books, Contemporary Drumming Essentials Volume One, Contemporary Drumming Essentials Volume Two and an educational CD. He has been published in Rhythm Magazine, Modern Drummer, Percussive Notes and Band World.

Jim Chapin says: "It's great to experience your great talent. Your technique is terrific. You're extraordinary. Really, really absolutely terrific...you're playing is sensational."

Gregg Bissonette said: "I think you gave a really good clinic and got your points across well. Most of all your playing is wonderful and I was really digging it!!"

Dean Brown PIT Instructor said: "Students are fortunate to have a teacher and player of Garey's caliber in the area."

Williams' teaching experience includes private lessons, master classes and clinics at public schools, drum schools, jazz camps, percussion festivals, music stores, drum shops and serving on the music faculty at Central Washington University, Yakima Valley Community College and Olympic College. Williams is an active educator conducting clinics for Yamaha drums, Sabian cymbals, Vic Firth sticks and Remo drumheads. Garey also does freelance performing and recording projects and can be heard with his new progressive jazz quartet, Quorum.

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