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Freddy Jr Miranda

Born on February 22nd, 1971 in Bayamón, P.R.. From an early age Freddie started to be interested in music, inspired and motivated by his father, the well known puertorrican woodwind player, Wilfredo Cruz Miranda, aka Freddie Miranda, Sr.. Recieved his first musical skills at the age of seven (7) years. At this time he recieved his first basic musical skills on saxophone, clarinet and theory skills. A year later finds his calling towards percussion being his first teacher Mr. Tony Sánchez, Jr.
In 1982 he enters Escuela Libre de Música Ernesto Ramos Antonini and starts his formal studies in percussion with proffessor Samuel Lifschitz until 1988 when he graduates this institution. During this time starts to gather experience in symphonic orchestras and concert bands. In 1987 is chosen by strict auditions all over Puerto Rico to form part of the prestigious "McDonald's All American High School Band" under the musical direction of Dr. William P. Foster. With this band performed at the 1987 Macy?s Thankgiving Day and the 1987 McDonald?s Charity Christmas Parade for Kids in Chicago Illinois.

During 1987 auditions are made in New York City to form the 1987 McDonald's All American High School Jazz Band under the musical direction of Bob Curnow (president at the time of the National Aso. of Jazz Educators) and becomes the first and only puertorrican to be a part of that organization.With that band had the opportunity to share stage with stars such as: Maynard Ferguson, Chuck Magione, Sammy Davis Jr (RIP) and Jerry Lewis among others.
In 1988 enters Puerto Rico Conservatory of Music and begins to study percussion at university level under the tutory of proffessor José Alicea. During this year begins to perform with the Puerto Rico State Band under the direction of Mr. Lito Peña. In 1989 participates in the Puerto Rico premiere of Alberto Ginastera's "Cantata para una América Mágica" under the direction of Dr. Orlando Cora (RIP). Also participates in operas and zarzuelas among them: "La del Soto del Parral", Thaicovsky's "Pedro y el Lobo", Puccini's "Boheme' and Mozart's "Magic Flute". In 1989 and 1990 participates in the Youth Symphony Orchestra of America (1989 first chair of the section) under the direction of Dr. Keith Brown.

In 1990 enters the popular music circuit in Puero Rico. Mickey Cora, Mario Ortiz, Luis García, Juan Manuel Lebrón and Chago Martínez gave him his first opportunities. Then works for Jerry Rivera (1992) and his orchestra during three (3) years.
Since 1994 Freddie has been working and accompaning different bands and artists at a local and international level, among them: Luisito Ayala and his Puertorican Power, Glenn Monroig (Centro de Bellas Artes Luis A. Ferré), The Fifth Dimensions, Bobby Valentín, Frankie Ruíz, Héctor Tricoche, Carlos "Cano" Estremera, Tito Nieves, Olga Tañón, Humberto Ramírez Jazz Project, Noelia, Ismael Miranda, Marvin Santiago, Tony Vega, Nacho Sanabria, Domingo Quiñonez, Andy Montañez, Luigi Texidor, Rey Ruiz, Gilberto Santarrosa, Juan Gabriel, Lucecita Benítez, Ednita Nazario and The "Franky and Friends Jazz Project" among others. Also is involved in recordings for producers of the caliber of: Mario Ortiz (Combo Records) Ramón Sánchez (Sony), Gullermo Calderón (Sony), Máximo Torres, Luis García, Rafael Ithier (Combo Records), Bobby Valentín (Bronco Records),Glenn Monroig (Mezzalunna Studios), Lito Peña, Cucco Peña and Luis Perico Ortiz (RMM Records & Video Corp., Fonovisa, EMI Japan, Sweet Basil) among others. In March of 1996 is invited by the Music Conservatory of Puerto Rico to perform a music conference about the evolution of the timbales in latin and afrocuban music as a part of the 2nd International Festival of Percussion in Puerto Rico. In this event participates and share knowledge with percussion stars such as: Dean Anderson (Zildjian, Vic Firth Inc. KAT MIDI), Stanley Leonard, Arthur Lipner, Bobby Sanabria and Leigh Howard Stevens (Malletech). In 1998 recieves a second invitation from Mr. José Alicea (director of the percussion department of the Conservatry of Music of Puerto Rico) to perform a second one, this time the topic was "The percussion in Salsa". Other percussionists attending this festival were: Anthony Carrillo, Efraín Toro, Giovanni Hidalgo, Chuck Silverman, Emil Richards, David Garibaldi,
Gary Chafee, Jim Chapin, Modesto Cepeda, Dave Samuels, among many others.

In november, 1996, participates as an "all around percussionist" in the first edition of the concert "LP Master Planet Drums" among world known percussionists such as: Orestes Vilató, Alex Acuña, Giovanni Hidalgo, "Little" Johnny Rivero, Angel "Cachete" Maldonado, Endel Dueño, Anthony Carrillo and Carlos "Patato" Valdés. Also has studied with world renound master percussionist, José Luis Quintana, better known as "Changuito".

Freddie Miranda, Jr. has performed in about 18 states around United States of America (hispanic and non- hispanic comunities), Méjico, Panamá, Costa Rica, Güatemala, Nicaraüa, El Salvador, Venezuela, Aruba, Colombia, Perú, Ecuador, República Dominicana, Saint Thomas, Saint Croix, and Spain (Madrid and Canary Islands) As a teacher has worked during a year and a half for the Discípulos de Cristo Musical Institute in Bayamón, Puerto Rico, has been teaching Latin & Ethnic Percussion for the Puerto Rico Music Conservatory for the past five years and seven years as a private teacher. At this time is working on his own musical project in colaboration with his father, Mr. Freddie Miranda.

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